The Dark Side Of One Direction -- Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson's Moms Speak Out

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson shot to fame as part of world-conquering boy band One Direction. Together with bandmates Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and eventual defector Zayn Malik, Harry and Louis committed to a grueling schedule of touring, recording, interviews, and awards ceremonies as they traveled the world with the tight-knit One Direction team.

Press, paparazzi, and fans pursued the boys with mounting intensity, using ever-more-ingenious invasive tactics – remember when someone hid in a bin to try to stalk Liam Payne? – as the boys shot to worldwide fame and acclaim in the space of just five short years. The guys were stalked on social media and in real life, their families and friends were hounded, and they were forced to adjust rapidly to the sight of their own faces pouting back at them from 7-Eleven magazine racks. Zayn Malik jumped the One Direction ship in 2015, citing a desire to be "a normal 22-year-old," and a short time later, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan announced that they were going on hiatus.

Harry Styles' mom, Anne Twist, has spoken out before about the stresses Harry faces, chastising over-excited fans who threw things at the One Direction guys onstage.

This week, Anne shared an article about Harry's songwriting that contains the following intriguing line:

"There are many facets of life in One Direction that fans were unaware of..."
The CelebMix writer goes on to state that it will be very "rewarding" for fans to hear about these things in Harry's songwriting.

Has Anne just given us a hint that Harry Styles' solo music will be an exposé about the dark side of One Direction?

Anne has also expressed her thoughts about strong language and, possibly, her dislike of Larries!

Harry's mom took to Twitter this week to criticize user @blueandgansey, who is believed to be a Larry.

Anne asked the girl to tone down her "gratuitous language."

It is not known exactly what the girl said to provoke the response from Anne. Harry Styles and his family are bombarded with millions of fan tweets on a daily basis – many supportive, but some critical and scathing. The Styles family certainly doesn't respond to each moron who tweets them, so it would be fascinating to know what this user (whose account is private) said to provoke such a response.

For their part, Larries took to Twitter to express their fear that Harry's mom was lashing out at them. One person posted an image implying that they were losing sleep because they were so stressed out about Anne's Larry-directed anger!

Louis Tomlinson's mom Johannah Deakin has been quieter on social media, but she did post a moody shot recently that got some fans talking.

Johannah posted an illustration of a crow sitting watchfully on a branch, with the caption "When you observe rather than react, you reclaim your power."

Is Johannah expressing her own feelings of powerlessness? Perhaps Louis Tomlinson's mom has been frustrated by the negativity directed at Louis since he became famous, but feels she has not always been able to act to change things for the better.

Johannah may also feel frustrated by the ongoing drama rumored to be plaguing the Tomlinson and Jungwirth families, who are said to be bickering.

The Daily Mail reported this week that Louis Tomlinson has been banned from visiting the home of Briana Jungwirth, who is the mother of his son, Freddie Reign.

Apparently Briana became furious when Louis arrived with his new girlfriend, Danielle Campbell, to collect Freddie's baby carrier from her home.

"Their relationship has hit rock bottom. He is not welcome at Briana or her family's homes anymore."
Briana and her family were said to have been hurt when Louis began dating Danielle while Briana was still pregnant with Freddie.

Now that Briana has banned Louis from her home, the couple will reportedly be doing their baby "handover" in car parks. The Daily Mail got their hands on some images of Louis and Briana looking a little irritated as they conversed during car park handovers this week.

'Things are strained. Now he's picking up his son in a car park."
Are Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles dealing with things nobody else is aware of?

(Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)