Justin Bieber's New Haircut Steals The Fire From The Selena Gomez Pantene 'Do

Justin Bieber has done it again. Only this time, the latest Bieber hairdo is causing more social media buzz than ever before. It's all about the hair. For the first time in history, people are talking about a man's new hairdo more than a woman's. It's all Justin Bieber's fault. Even Selena Gomez' otherwise fantastic Pantene 'do fails in comparison. How did it all come to this?

Selena Gomez sings "Kill Them With Kindness." Justin Bieber says, kill them with hair.

Well for starters, Justin Bieber has always been the hair superstar, right from the time when he broke his first single, "Baby." To this day, people still remember the song and of course, the hair that launched a billion copycats around the world. In Style takes us to a trip down memory lane with Justin Bieber hair.

Thanks to Justin Bieber, barbershops and hair salons worldwide will never be the same again. Perhaps hair shop owners should be thanking The Biebs right now for all that increase in business. And to think that all Bieber has to do, this time around, is to pick up a Keanu Reeves classic and make it his very own.

Yes, Bieber Social media is in heat once again, after catching sight of the fantabulous new Bieber hairdo during the Billboard Music Awards. Ariana Grande joins the fray this time, saying "@justinbieber keep up the good work (nice haircut by the way)." Oohlala.

And here's more.

Unpopular opinion? Bwahaha! Take a look at all this...
And take note, Justin is even getting new converts...
Chronologically speaking, Justin Bieber actually got his new haircut on May 12, to coincide with his Purpose concert in Ottawa, Canada. However, it had to grow just a bit to start getting the monster attention that it is getting now on social media.
But in fairness, Keanu Reeves also got a lot of worldwide of attention when he started sporting the same cut to coincide with his most famous flick, Speed.However, there were no social media at that time, so Justin Bieber has got a lot of people to thank, including time or timing, itself.
Just recently, the "Sorry" singer would succumb to the dreadlock temptation, which got mixed reviews. But that's all history now. And as social memory is said to be short, in the world we presently live in, we're only as good as our next haircut. Still, it is a great source of comfort that, in the words of Justin Bieber himself, "it's just hair."
If you ever mess with it, like Miley Cyrus who poignantly remembers experimenting with bleaching her fabulous locks with a cheap solution, rest assured that it will grow back again. And now that we mentioned Miley, there was a time when the "Wrecking Ball" singer sported a hairdo so eerily similar to Justin Bieber.
So who's copying whom?

The fact remains that Justin Bieber has no equal when it comes to hair prowess, or for that matter, hair changes. To illustrate, do you know that Justin has had no less than 17 hairstyle changes since he launched his Purpose album, according to MTV? Here is a gallery of Justin Bieber's ephemeral, ever-changing hairstyles. And make that 18, since The Biebs switched to the Keanu Reeves 'do.

The last time Bieber really went too crazy with new hairdo was in January, and Perez Hilton couldn't get over it. You be the judge if this coiffure was more outlandish than last April's deadly dreadlocks switch. There are good haircuts, and then there are bad haircuts — but Justin has changed all that once he became a celebrity.

As the reigning hair authority, he has earned the right to dictate the haircut he wants on the market. And with such a dominant hold on the hair industry, men will never again be left with hairstyle choices which, prior to Justin's coming — were always rather limited as well as limiting when compared to the wide range of women's choices. By changing the rules of the game, Bieber alone holds the distinction of setting men's hair, forever free. Maybe Justin Bieber should get an award for that.

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