Josh Duggar Apparently Wants His Own Spin-Off On TLC, Rumor Has It That He Wants Another Chance At Reality TV

Josh Duggar has spent much of his life in front of the TV camera during his time on TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting. He most likely would have continued on with his stint if it weren’t for him getting caught in the whole sexual scandal a year ago. Now some are saying that he is trying to regain his place in the spotlight once again, only in a more positive light.

Josh’s sexual scandal rocked the Duggar family’s world and had caused them to lose their highly rated reality show. Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald, along with some of their younger siblings, had recently snagged their own show. TLC chose to bring them back. Duggar fans begged the network to give them another chance, and they did just that.

Apparently, big brother Josh is now looking towards the future with his own TV show. The Hollywood Gossip is saying that their sources have hinted that he wants to tell his side of the story first in some type of interview with someone who is willing, and he is using his wife Anna to help him out with that.

The elusive and unnamed source said that he is trying to reach out to either Dr. Phil, or the most likely interviewer that may just take him up on that offer, Megyn Kelly. She was the first one to snag an interview with the Duggar family last year after news broke that Josh had sexually molested his younger sisters. Kelly could just be up to sitting down with Josh Duggar to get the story directly from him.

According to this same source, the former reality star wants to gain sympathy to inch his way back onto the television screen with this own show.

“If that goes well and people are sympathetic towards him, he is sure he can convince TLC to give him and Anna a spin-off – something to do with healing their marriage within the Christian faith.”

Now, this may or may not be true as there are always rumors swirling when it comes to the whole Duggar clan. Josh has just recently gotten out of rehab for his sexual addiction after he was found to have cheated on Anna through the Ashley Madison site. The rest of the 19 Kids and Counting stars have moved on since then, but as seen on TLC’s new series, Jill and Jessa: Counting On, Anna Duggar had been anticipating her husband coming home to her and their four kids.

Her 28-year-old spouse is apparently quite happy to be back with his family and has received plenty of support from them. As reported by People, Josh has been seen in a few photos smiling and happy in his new job. He has been busy selling used cars in Arkansas.

He was also seen enjoying some time in Florida with Anna and her family. However, it wasn’t all for fun as the Duggar couple had gone there to attend the funeral of Anna’s grandmother who just passed away, as the Inquisitr had reported. Mother’s Day didn’t look like it went well for Josh Duggar as photos had shown him looking a little sullen and down, but things may be looking up for him these days.

Is the eldest Duggar son really begging for his own reality show? It could be, but then again it could be just another rumor floating around. If this is indeed true, would TLC really give him a chance to be on TV again? Yes, his sisters have forgiven their brother, but they have said that he needs to gain their trust back and that may be many years before that happens.

Would you ever watch a show that featured Josh Duggar trying to heal his marriage to Anna? Do you think that he is really seeking his own reality show at this point?

[Photo by Duggar Family Facebook]