Second Baby Girl Makes Ryan Gosling Funny, Eva Mendes Appreciates Humor

Ryan Gosling is now a proper father of two baby girls, and this is making him funnier than ever. Not only did the Canadian actor and his baby mama manage to keep the pregnancy as well as their daughters out of the media spotlight, they have been killing it in their careers.

With his new movie The Nice Guys out in the cinemas, Ryan Gosling is ushering in a new era in which he is transitioning from the sweetest hot guy in Hollywood to a hilarious one.

"Mark it: This May, in the year 2016, Ryan Gosling is funny," reports GQ. "And in this role in particular, Gosling unleashes a glass-shattering cacophony of squeals and screams and pants onto the world, and the world is better for it."

The GQ reviews say that while many of us have seen glimpses of the 35-year-old actor's humor, it claims that The Nice Guys is the film in which he becomes the full-fledged comedian.

"As the taciturn stoic in Drive, he used his scruff to command an audience. In dramas like Blue Valentine, he based his performance in withholding emotions and foregrounding his jawline," the same article reports. "In Crazy Stupid Love, he lightened up his allure with a bit of comedy, but this mostly involved posing with his Photoshopped abs. If those versions of Ryan Gosling had the whole room swooning, the Nice Guys version of Ryan Gosling has stubbed his toe in the doorway before he's even gotten into the room."

But of course, movies aren't the only thing on Ryan's mind. He is now a father of two with Eva Mendes, his second baby having just arrived.

"The actress and Ryan Gosling have welcomed baby no. 2—and it's a girl," reports E! Online. "The news comes shortly after reporting that the Hollywood couple were expecting another child together."

The second baby, like the first one, came as a surprise to all his fans, who are still shocked by the way that he and Eva Mendes managed to hide the pregnancy and baby delivery.

"[T]he famous parents named their daughter Amada Lee Gosling, and they managed to keep the birth a secret for quite some time. The certificate lists Amada's birth date as April 29 at 8:03 a.m. The baby was born at Providence St. John's Health Center in Santa Monica, Calif."

But Ryan and Eva's time together has not been altogether smooth sailing. They just suffered a loss in their family with her brother passed away.

"Ryan Gosling looked downcast when he was spotted out in Los Angeles on Sunday," reports Daily Mail. "This comes just days after it was revealed his partner Eva Mendes, 42, suffered a great loss when her brother Carlos Mendez died at the age 53 after a long battle with cancer."

Eva Mendes took to Instagram to celebrate the love for her brother after his death.

But bringing new life on earth might have shifted their perspective a bit as they look to the future as a couple and now as a full-fledged family.

With the second baby girl, Ryan and Eva are determined to not jeopardize their normalcy and privacy.

"With a second baby on the way, the notoriously private pair are making sure Esmeralda, 19 months, has all the time – and space – she needs to grow up," reports People Magazine. "The couple are determined to keep their personal lives shielded from the public."

"They may be very private, but they still have a fun life," another source told People Magazine in a different article. "They just go out of their way to make sure Esmeralda gets to grow up as normal as possible. Whenever Eva and Ryan are together, they look very happy."

When do you think the public will get to see Esmeralda and Amada? Do you think they will shun fame as their parents did? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

[Photo by Jonathan Short/AP]