WWE Rumors, Spoilers: Seth Rollins Returns On ‘Raw’ And The Fallout From ‘Extreme Rules’

Last night at Extreme Rules, there were hardcore matches, straitjackets, mops, thumbtacks, submission matches, and so much more. In the main event, Roman Reigns defeated AJ Styles in a brutal “extreme rules” match to retain his WWE World Heavyweight Title. Shortly after that, Seth Rollins returned to a huge ovation, and now, he’s going to be on Monday Night RAW this evening to let the world officially know that the man is back.

It was obvious that a lot of fans truly did miss Seth Rollins, and it was obvious by the huge ovation he received upon his surprise return last night. The WWE website has released their official Monday Night RAW preview for this evening, and there is going to be a lot going on, but the focus will be on the return of the former champion.

Make Rusev Great Again

Kalisto held on to the United States Championship for a few months and he wore it well. Last night at Extreme Rules, he put up a good fight and brought a valiant effort, but the “Bulgarian Brute” proved to be too much and took back the title he lost last year.

wwe rumors spoilers monday night raw seth rollins extreme rules rusev new day us champ
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Now, it looks like WWE may go on pushing Rusev as a brutal force to be reckoned with, but that may change soon. John Cena is returning to RAW next week, and rumor has it that he’s going to win a title immediately upon coming back to the ring.

New Era, New Day

The New Day continued their dominant streak last night by defeating The Vaudevillains and holding on to their WWE Tag Team Titles. WWE is teasing that any team may now step up to take on the champions, including The Club (Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows), the Shining Stars, or any number of teams.

Rumor has it that Big Cass is in line for a huge push whether it is as a singles wrestler or in a tag team, as Vince McMahon is a fan of his. 411 Mania is reporting that Enzo Amore is back on the road this week after suffering a serious concussion three weeks ago at Payback. Maybe it’s time for The New Day to see what it’s like to go up against a team that is a bit outspoken themselves.

Good Brothers, Bad Intentions

The Club (Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows) dominated The Usos last night at Extreme Rules, and they showed they are championship material. Not just that, but they helped AJ Styles out in the WWE Title match before Roman Reigns was able to win the bout and retain.

wwe rumors spoilers monday night raw seth rollins extreme rules rusev new day club
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It’s not known if they are going to go after the titles now, but it seems as if The Club is pretty much going to do whatever they want to do.

Hand of the Queen

Charlotte is a very strong WWE Women’s Champion, but she has received a lot of help from Ric Flair over the last few months. Last night, she couldn’t have his help as he was banned from ringside for her match with Natalya, but Charlotte didn’t need him.

Midway through the match, Dana Brooke came down dressed as Flair and interfered to the point that it cost Natalya the match and the title. Brooke has Charlotte’s back and it appears as if she is going to protect the champ, and that brings about a new question: Who can possibly compete with that?

Return of ‘The Man’

As recapped by the WWE website, Seth Rollins did indeed return last night at Extreme Rules and delivered a vicious Pedigree to Roman Reigns. Rollins has been out with a serious knee injury since November of last year and fans knew his return was close, but maybe not this close.

wwe rumors spoilers monday night raw seth rollins extreme rules rusev new day
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Tonight on RAW, he’s going to reveal his plans to the world and let everyone know why he ended up taking out Reigns last night. It should come as no surprise that he wants the WWE World Heavyweight Title, though, as he never really lost it.

Monday Night RAW is shaping up to be a huge show and it is something that WWE really needs while the momentum from Extreme Rules is still really strong. Not just that, but TV ratings have not been overly good the past couple of weeks, and the hope is that the return of Seth Rollins will help considerably. It’s time for the company to build to a really strong start to the summer, and the return of some main event superstars should help to achieve that end.

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