Tera Launches Argon Queen Update

En Masse Entertainment announced the launch of Tera’s Argon Queen update, just in time for a jam packed weekend of exciting online gaming. The patch, which went live earlier this week for North America, and this weekend for European players, is loaded with tons of new content, and best of all, its free.

Tera’s latest update was announced on the game’s website with the following headlines:

“The Argon Queen pits you against the toughest endgame monsters, dungeons, and BAMs in all of TERA! The Argon Queen is now available as a free update. Your game will update automatically upon launch. For a full summary of the Argon Queen’s new content and features, see the latest patch notes.”

(It should be noted that BAM means “Big As*ed Monster” in Tera-speak.)

The Argon Queen update, officially known as patch 18.10.03, is packed with loads of great new stuff for fans of the Tera MMORPG. Included in the update are 15 vs. 15 battlegrounds for level 60 players, 20 man raids, three new max-level instances, and a huge amount of new gear.

The patch introduces The Nexus Traverse as part of the new raid system. Players must destroy a normal Nexus to gain the “Nexus Call,” needed to enter the shattered Nexus fragment, and travel to the Nexus Traverse. Once in the Traverse, players must clear, in order, three halls full of monsters and beasts. In each hall, players must defeat a different boss BAM, called a Nexus Ruler, to emerge victorious from the Nexus Traverse.

Player classes will be getting a much needed overhaul in the patch. The Warrior and Lancer class will be receiving particular attention, and the notoriously squishy Priest and Sorcerer classes will take less damage in PVP.

To assist players in defeating the Argon Queen, who waits in her lair for the noble heroes of Tera, the game will provide daily buffs to help players reach the required level cap of 60. There will also be new quests to speed up leveling, and to enrich the detailed story behind the game.

Tera has been a breath of fresh air in the world of online gaming, especially with its remarkable improvements to combat. In Tera, there is no easy mode, lock-on targeting. Players must actually target a monster, or another player, and stay on the target to hit their opponent. Monsters, or other players, are able to effectively dodge incoming attacks, which means that constant movement is an important part of being victorious in Tera. Gone are the days of standing in one place, and face rolling the same two or three keys on your keyboard to kill an opponent.

En Masse has certainly pulled out all the stops with this update. The addition of raids is sure to excite the fans of PVE (Player vs. Environment), and PVP (Player vs. Player) aficionados are certain to enjoy the new 15 player battlegrounds. So sharpen your weapons, and get ready to battle the evil, and powerful, Argon Queen.Try it for yourself, and discover how Tera continues to break new ground as an exciting and innovative MMO.