Shawn Mendes’ Performance At The 2016 Billboard Awards Will Make You Fall In Love

Shawn Mendes has wowed us once again — both with his amazing performance during the 2016 Billboard Awards and with the confirmation of his single status.

“‘Stitches,’ released last year, is Mendes’ biggest hit to date, peaking at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song comes from his debut album Handwritten, which hit the top of the Billboard 200 on release,” Billboard reported.

“Walking through a stage set up to look like the inside of a house, he started on guitar before transitioning to a piano, with fans delighted by his vocals.”

Not only was the vocal performance and setting incredible, but even Mendes’ fashion sense was stunning, according to Hollywood Life.

“Shawn looked absolutely dazzling in his dark jacket and jeans too. It was casual, but classy at the same time.”

Recently, Mendes confirmed his single status and fans are going nuts.

As Perez Hilton insinuated, one of Shawn’s most admirable qualities as a singer is the feeling of honesty that he radiates when performing — in this case, specifically during the awards ceremony.

“The 17-year-old showed off some serious skills when he took the stage at the T-Mobile Arena to perform a sentimental, stripped-down version of his smash song Stitches!'”

Before the show, Mendes confirmed his single status during a live interview on the red carpet, as E! News confirmed.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” E! NewsJason Kennedy asked.

“No girlfriend,” Shawn shared. “But there’s probably a couple out there that I could find.”

Surely someone as adorable and talented as Shawn will get snatched up quickly! The news source further relayed the qualities that Shawn looks for in a woman.

“During a game of ‘dating deal breakers,’ Shawn admitted he’s totally down to date an actress. If the girl is a fan of bathroom selfies, Harry Potter and salads, it wouldn’t send the singer running either. […] But perhaps the biggest—and most intriguing question—involves the power of a good kiss. Would Shawn be down for a lady with ‘fish lips?'”

Shawn was very passionate in his response.

“I’m definitely not okay with fish lips so please stay away from the fish lips.”

But how are we to respond to this single status news when the media has been obsessed with the potential relationship between Mendes and Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello?

After all, the Inquisitr reported just two days ago that the two seem pretty close.

“[Following] months of rumors that the two are dating, Shawn Mendes is admitting that he ‘loves’ Fifth Harmony superstar Camila Cabello, revealing that she ‘blows his mind.'”

However, although the two might have made an adorable couple, “Mendes admitted that he thinks Camila is ‘phenomenal’ and even finally admitted that he ‘loves’ her, but probably not in the way everyone may think.”

But fans refuse to accept this apparently tragic and devastating news.

“Despite Shawn’s constant romance denials, that hasn’t stopped Shawn’s and Fifth Harmony’s fans from taking to social media to will the friends into a romance,” the Inquisitr further said.

[Image by Chris Pizzello/AP Images]