Florida Man Arrested For Pervy 911 Calls

A Florida man has been arrested and charged after police say he repeatedly called 911 for sexual gratification, tying up dispatchers with harassing and pervy phone calls.

And even worse, it’s not 32-year-old Joshua Basso’s first time getting in trouble for calling 911 for sex. One might speculate Basso has a 911 fetish, because a search of news reveals that it was reported back in 2009 that Basso called 911 and requested sexual gratification.

Back in November of that year, a local news source obtained a police report about Basso’s alleged sex calls to 911, quoting Tampa police officer Vivian Frauenfeld:

“Basso states that he was going to do his laundry today but was informed that the washer was inoperable,… Basso decided to make some breakfast, then went into the shower to have some fun.”

The outlet reports that Basso was an admitted habitual obscene caller, and that having run out of minutes on his phone, he dialed the only number that worked — 911. Back then, Basso was charged with one misdemeanor charge of making a false 911 call, but it doesn’t seem the experience taught him any lessons about getting off on busy 911 operators that have more pressing matters to which to attend.

It wasn’t just a single call either in his most recent 911 sex call bender — Basso was arrested of making seven false calls to 911 over a two-day period, all for the purpose of sexually harassing 911 dispatchers.

Basso has a rap sheet that is fairly extensive, and in addition to his previous 911 call-related arrest, he has also been arrested for domestic battery, car theft, drug possession and tresspassing.

For the obscene 911 calls, Basso was booked into the Hillsborough County Jail and was held on $3,500 bond.