‘Big Brother 18’ Rumors: Supervillains to Compete Against The Superfans This Summer— Frankie Grande And Austin Matelson To Return? [Rumors]

In exactly one month on June 22, Big Brother 18 will premiere on CBS. Ever since BB17 wrapped up in September, the fans have been on edge waiting for confirmation that Season 18 will be an all-stars edition of some sort.

The fans become convinced that this year will be the year for an all-star season because it’s been 11 years since there was an all-star season. Julie Chen was quoted last year as saying that she isn’t sure if the show ever plans on revisiting a complete all-star season because when compared to the other seasons, it had much lower ratings.

Even so, the fans can’t help but speculate that it could happen, even if the chance is very slim. Design & Trend report that Big Brother 17 star, Austin Matelson claims that he’s “heard that this season will be an all-star season of some sort.” Adding more fuel to the fire, fan favorite, Janelle Pierzina tweeted the same thing.


Later, Austin gave more details about the Big Brother Season by revealing that the season will showcase some of the most controversial houseguests to date, supervillains, and pair them against the superfans. Big Brother fans loved the idea and began tossing around what players could return to the house as a supervillain. It’s a splendid idea, but there’s no official confirmation that CBS plans to bring back any past players.

Another rumor that seems to be picking up steam is that Frankie Grande and Austin Matelson may be joining the cast of Big Brother 18. For many fans, Frankie is over the top and is the last person they want to see on the show. His behavior in the house was annoying at times, but if you ignored his antics and [unwanted] sexual advances toward the men in the house, he wasn’t a bad player. In fact at times, he was a fierce competitor and a loyal alliance member. We’ll have to wait it out to see who will enter the house when CBS announces the cast. Big Brother fans can expect an official announcement no later than June 15.

According to Get Real LOL, the Power of Veto winner this year will have an additional power. If they choose to use the POV, they will get to name the replacement nominee, not the Head of Household. It could bring much-needed excitement to the game. Many fans have voiced they feel the game needs a revamp to keep it interesting.

Big Brother’s casting director, Robyn Kass explained that she is looking for something much different this year and hopes they can bring the fans a fabulous season. They hope to avoid any racial controversies and remain hopeful that the season will focus on the drama that occurs inside the Big Brother house.

So far, CBS has not confirmed anything about Big Brother 18. There has not been a confirmation that it will be an all-star season, yet. We don’t know if the Power of Veto rumors are correct as CBS hasn’t revealed anything about the season just yet.

Big Brother fans, would you like to see superfans versus supervillains season this summer? Do you think Frankie Grande, Zach Rance or Austin Matelson could be returning? Voice your opinion about Big Brother 18 in the comments section below, and come back later for more reality TV spoilers, news, and updates.

[Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images]