The Onion Believes Donald Trump Pulled A ‘Fake Lawyer’ On Them In The Past

Donald Trump "lawyered" The Onion

Recent news that Donald Trump pretended to be his own publicist rang a bell with the founding editor of The Onion, who believes The Donald pulled a “Fake Lawyer” trick on them in the past.

The Inquisitr recently reported about the 1991 “John Miller” tapes, with Trump’s so-called publicist sounding pretty much like the man himself.

One funny part of one of the videos linked Donald Trump with Madonna, where “Miller” said that the two were never a “thing” because The Donald had no interest in her. However, according to “Miller,” Madonna was keen on going out with Trump, saying, “And then she called and wanted to go out.”

Scott Dikkers, the founding editor of the satirical newspaper the Onion, told the New York Daily News that he wasn’t surprised in the least to read reports about Trump pretending to be his own publicist while on the phone to reporters.

However, in the case of the Onion, Trump reportedly used an email rather than a phone call. It turns out the satire website had published a story that poked fun at the now-presidential hopeful and in return, it looks like it was Trump who wrote an email, pretending to be The Donald’s attorney.

Dickers said, “Trump wrote an email to The Onion a couple of years ago, well his ‘attorney,’ but I question that now because of the John Miller/John Barron thing.”

As noted by Blasting News, Dickers said when you look at that email now, it uses many of Trump’s favorite words, including “disgraceful,” “disgusting,” and “you owe an apology to Mr. Trump.” Based on that and the general wording of the email, Dikkers is now thinking his “attorney” didn’t write it. It was The Donald himself.

Reportedly, the New York Daily News tried to contact Trump’s spokesman for comment, but received no response.

Dikker has written the book “Trump’s America: The Complete Loser’s Guide,” which reportedly hit the bookshelves this week and told the Daily News that even as recently as last fall, publishers weren’t sure just how serious Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations were. In fact, he said no publisher believed Trump would still be around in the spring.

“But in the satire business and in my history of satire, I’ve found that you end up predicting the future if you really do your homework right and study people’s character traits and the way humans tend to behave and the things that they do.”

Regrettably, Dikkers feels that same foresight means that Trump will win the presidential race to become the 45th president. He said he believes Trump will win, and that there isn’t any doubt.

While the electoral map looks challenging for The Donald, Dikkers says, “but you’ve seen the polls,” adding that Trump keeps going up, while Hillary keeps going down. He pointed to the fact that several professional politicians had been “laid waste to” by Trump.

“Trump transcends the typical politician strategies and rhetoric because he’s appealing to people’s lizard brains and the lizard brain doesn’t care about facts. It doesn’t care what’s true. It doesn’t care what’s reasonable. It’s just going to vote, ‘Trump — he’s strong,’ and that’s what we’ve got and that’s what’s going to happen. I hope I’m wrong.”

It all goes to prove that satire can quite horribly become the real thing at times.

[Photo by Scott Olsen/Getty Images News]