‘General Hospital’ Nurses Ball: Sneak Peek Hints At Plenty Of Fun, Surprises, And Lots Of Drama [Spoilers]

It is almost time for the 2016 Nurses Ball on General Hospital. This most anticipated event is one that you don’t want to miss, as it is always full of fun, surprises, and a whole lot of drama. It all starts on Tuesday, May 24, and the previews show just a hint of what is to come.

The General Hospital Nurses Ball is headed up by Lucy Coe, and she always makes this event quite lively. The promo that ABC has posted gives a sneak peek into what fans can expect this year. It shows who will be attending and what kind of performances will be seen. The addition of some new characters that have shown up on the show recently should add a whole new flair to the Nurses Ball.


The walk down the red carpet is always interesting, as some of the GH couples are seen together in all of their glitter and glam. The General Hospital previews show Jordan and Andre, Curtis and Valerie, and also Jason and Sam posing for the cameras. One interesting observation is that newbie Griffin Munro looks like he is arriving with Maxie Jones. With Nathan still in the hospital on the mend from his wounds from the accident, it looks like Maxie had to improvise. She can’t go wrong with having Dr. Munro on her arm. Is this just a prelude of what’s to come?

Speaking of Dr. Munro, the sneak peek shows him performing a number on stage. It was just revealed that Griffin is also a priest, so he probably won’t be showing too much skin. Of course, this is for a good cause.

New nurse Amy will also be performing with the rest of the GH nurses, including Epiphany, Bobbie, and Felix. It also looks like Amy will be doing a number with three other ladies all decked out in blue. She joins Lulu, Maxie, and Valerie for a special musical number.


In addition, Robin and Emma Scorpio will be returning from California to take part in this annual event. Emma is seen on stage with Ned Ashton, aka Eddie Maine. Robin is also expected to give another emotional speech this year about how important HIV research is. She is a huge part of this event, and it isn’t the same without her.

There will also be some romance mixed in with all of the drama. Kiki and Dillon are getting closer than ever, and they end up sharing a kiss. Unfortunately, it looks like Morgan may just get an eyeful. Will he go running back to Ava Jerome?

Even though Nikolas and Hayden are at odds right now, they do arrive at the Nurses Ball together as they are seen smiling on the red carpet. Of course, those smiles are just for the camera. They are expected to have it out sometime during the night, according to spoilers put out by TV Source Magazine.

Rumors have been floating around the internet that Lucas Jones will die soon on General Hospital, leaving everyone in Port Charles to mourn his loss, especially Brad. There is supposed to be a wedding happening, but it looks like that may not happen after all. TV Source has noted that Lucas will run into a dangerous situation, and things go wrong from there. Will he actually die, or just get badly hurt? A dead body is expected to be found. Will it be Lucas or someone else?

General Hospital star Ryan Carnes [Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]Also expect to see an arrest made at the Nurses Ball, as well as someone trying to humiliate Elizabeth publicly. Dr. Obrecht will be up to her old tricks again by disrupting the ball. That is always entertaining.

The Nurses Ball is expected to be just as fun and dramatic as in years past. Fans are gearing up to see what happens next on General Hospital.

Are you looking forward to the Nurses Ball this week?

[Photo by Lawrence Lucier/Getty Images]