Drug Addiction And Animal Cruelty In Tustin, California — Rescued Puppy Tests Positive For Meth And Heroin

positive for meth

A puppy rescued from a hotel room during an arrest in Tustin, California, has tested positive for meth (methamphetamine) and heroin and is going through rehab, authorities have said.

Tustin Police Lt. Robert Wright said that the young meth-addicted dog named Bubba was found in a Tustin hotel room when officers served an arrest warrant to Joshua West, 40, who was on parole for drug violations. West was arrested along with another person who has not been named by police according to CNN.

Illegal drugs and paraphernalia, including used needles, were found in the hotel room during the March 22 raid. The police found Bubba and turned him over to Orange County Animal Care (OCAC).

Tustin Police were contacted later and told that the dog, which is a mixed terrier, tested positive for meth and heroin and may have been under the influence of drugs when they rescued him, according to KTLA.

Animal control officers noticed the dog was acting “lethargic” when Tustin Police handed him over so they tested his urine. In a terrible case of animal cruelty, the results came back positive for meth and heroin.

“This strikes me as pretty horrible. This is the first time we’ve ever heard of someone reporting that an animal has been under the influence,” Wright said.

Authorities do not know at this stage how the drugs got into the dog’s system, he may have been injected by West, breathed in the toxic fumes whilst people were smoking drugs inside, or licked or sniffed the meth, although the last two methods are very unlikely.

positive for meth
Given that Bubba’s toxicology results showed he tested positive for meth, heroin, and nicotine in his system, it is most likely that the young dog became addicted through breathing in the fumes. Tustin Police Department did not say how the dog became intoxicated, but commented in a Facebook post that it was “due to living with his drug using owners.”

Tustin Police say they have pressed Orange County District Attorney to charge West with animal cruelty as well as with illegal drug possession.

OCAC say that once Bubba recovers fully he will be put up for adoption and hopefully go to a safe and loving home.

The dog has successfully been treated for drug addiction and is now said to be doing “excellent,” according to a Tustin Police Facebook post. The full post written next to a picture of Bubba read as follows.

“In March officers arrested two subjects out of a local motel who were in possession of a large quantity of illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia. During the investigation officers took custody of Bubba, a terrier mix puppy, who was showing signs of being under the influence of drugs. Bubba was released to Orange County Animal Care and treated for his condition. Bubba was found to have heroin, methamphetamine and nicotine in his system due to living with his drug using owners. We are happy to report Bubba has been treated for his drug addiction and is doing excellent. Based on Bubba’s toxicology results, additional charges of animal cruelty will be filed against his former owners. Bubba is still receiving medical care and once he is fully recovered, he will be placed with a rescue organization who can find him a forever home that can provide the proper care he will need in the future.”

People who saw the post on Facebook about the puppy that tested positive for meth have reacted with shock and outrage.

“Some people are just too cruel to have pets. I don’t know what’s worse, beating an animal or shooting him up with drugs. Both are repulsive! Giving your dog methamphetamine and heroin is beyond gross cruelty,” one user wrote.

“This makes me so sad and angry at the same time. This dog doesn’t deserve that kind of abuse. I’m surprised the dog is alive,” said another.

[Photo via Tustin Police Department/Facebook]