Maci Bookout Wedding Date And Destination Revealed, ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star To Wed In Florida

Maci Bookout has a busy few months ahead of her. She is currently pregnant with her third child and is due any day now. Bookout and her boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, are set to marry this fall. The two have been dating for quite some time and already have a daughter together.

They will be welcoming their son any day now, and will be tying the knot in just a few months. While they have been quiet about details of the wedding, Bookout’s plans were blasted recently, and now, the whole world knows when and where the nuptials will be.

After much speculation, Maci Bookout’s wedding plans have been confirmed. According to the Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney will be getting married in Florida on October 8. There were plenty of clues leading up to the discovery and the source isn’t usually wrong. Bookout did announce it would be a destination wedding, not one that would be held close to home.

October has always been known as the month, but the specific date was never mentioned. All of this was discovered because the photographer Bookout and McKinney chose opened her mouth. There has been a battle between her and a customer who she was booked to shoot on the same date. Instead, the photographer chose Bookout’s wedding for the national exposure.

October is going to be a busy month for Maci Bookout and her Teen Mom co-stars. She will be walking down the aisle on October 8 and Chelsea Houska and Amber Portwood will be following suit. While it has been made clear that Houska will not allow MTV to film her wedding, Bookout has agreed to have her special day filmed. There is no word on whether or not Portwood will be allowing the cameras to film her day, but the chances are likely.

Things have been chaotic for Maci Bookout this year. She reportedly found out she was expecting just after she filmed the Teen Mom OG reunion show. It was right around that time that she also became engaged. Bookout caught a lot of criticism because she was drinking while she was pregnant. A lot of the footage from the past season of Teen Mom OG showed Bookout and Taylor McKinney drinking while out with friends and on vacation. Since Bookout is due literally any day, all of that happened early on in her pregnancy. She allegedly didn’t know that she was expecting until almost 20 weeks into the pregnancy. There was a lot of people upset over this, though Bookout stands firm that she didn’t know she was expecting.

There has been no comment from Maci Bookout or Taylor McKinney regarding the revelation of their wedding date and destination. Because the event is still months away, there is concern that fans may try and crash the event. While the couple was generous enough to give fans the detail of the month it would be happening and confirming it will be filmed, the more intimate details were kept quiet. At this point, it may be too late to switch things around to make everything fit.

Maci Bookout is just a few days away from delivering her third child, and this was not something she anticipated having to deal with. Teen Mom OG fans are looking forward to celebrating her big day with her while watching it on MTV. Bookout has been a fan-favorite since the beginning, with many standing behind her and supporting her in all of her endeavors. If the wedding date or place changes, there will likely be no notice. Maci Bookout has been planning this for months, and now, things could be ruined for good.

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