100 Year Old Mystery Package Opened In Norway

The contents of a 100-year-old mystery package that wasn’t to be opened until the year 2012 have finally been revealed, according to The Huffington Post. The bundle, which dates back to August 26, 1912, has been tucked away inside a museum in Gudbrandsdal for quite some time. In keeping with Johan Nygard’s wishes, the package was not opened until the specified year. On Friday, the Norwegian mystery has been solved.

After peeling back the brown wrapping, museum directors sporting white gloves carefully removed the papers inside. Historical documents, letters, newspapers, and national decorations were among the items contained within the 100-year-old mystery package.

“This is like gold for us museum people,” one director told those in attendance. To mark the occasion, the opening was broadcast on live television, an event which included musical performances and an appear by Sel’s mayor. After all, it’s not everyday that a mysterious historical relic is opened in a public setting.

“Well, the package didn’t solve our financial problems,” said Sel mayor Dag Erik Pryhn. “But our history got richer.” According to Forbes, the government was apparently hoping for ancient stock certificates.

The Huffington Post reports that very little is known about Johan Nygard, the man who gave the package to town administrators decades ago. Although he didn’t say much about package’s contents, he did reveal that the documents would “benefit and delight future generations.” So far, he appears to have been correct in his assumptions.


Tucked inside the mystery package were letters from the United States, newspapers from 1914 and 1919, various decorations, and white banner with gold tassels with writing which, when translated, reads “From the King.” While removing the wrapping, museum directors were very careful not to damage the instructions “may be opened in 2012” that were written upon it.

After dedicating some time to the 100-year-old mystery package and its historical documents, museum directors are expected to unveil a complete list of contents in the near future.