Jenelle Evans Denies Pregnancy Rumors, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Shares Photo Of Toned Body In Bikini

Jenelle Evans has been battling rumors of a pregnancy for a little over a week now. She has been dealing with a lot in her life, including handling custody issues for both of her sons. Right now Evans is embroiled in a brutal battle over her son Kaiser with ex-boyfriend, Nathan Griffith. Barbara Evans has custody of Jace and Jenelle wants him back. Their issues aren’t as bad as the ones with Griffith, but it is still an uphill battle. With Jenelle Evans possibly pregnant with her third child, things could get incredibly messy.

Since the rumors began circulating last week, Jenelle Evans has denied she is pregnant again. She even took to her Instagram to call out the source that broke the “news,” but not everyone is believing her. According to Starcasm, Jenelle Evans posted a photo of herself in a bikini. She looked tone with a little more weight on her body. Evans attributed her recent weight gain to being in a happy relationship and feeling comfortable with herself. There are critics already coming down about how there is no proof that the picture is recent.

The new season of Teen Mom 2 is reportedly filming already; Jenelle Evans won’t be able to hide a pregnancy much longer. With Kaiser, she was so happy about being pregnant and she told everyone. Evans and Nathan Griffith planned to have a child together after only a few months together. She was supposed to marry him, but the two ended their relationship almost a year ago. Evans has been dating David Eason for several months now, and the two have been living together since late last year. The idea that she would be planning to start a family with him isn’t a wild one. Evans allows Eason to co-parent Kaiser with her, and the two spend a lot of time with Eason’s daughter as well. Could a baby make them one big happy family?

Another recent development that has fans questioning whether or not Jenelle Evans is really pregnant comes in the form of a reconciliation. Teen Mom 2 fans know that there was a huge fallout between Barbara Evans and Jenelle Evans at the beginning of this year. It was chronicled on Teen Mom 2 and looked to be pretty intense. David Eason had called the police on Barbara when she refused to leave without talking to Jenelle. Since then, everyone has turned the other cheek and plan to start a clean slate in their relationship. Evans and her mother have chosen to begin again, and this may help with the status of where Jace will live in the future.

Despite the pregnancy rumors, Jenelle Evans is moving forward with her life and having fun. She has been traveling a bit and hanging out with both of her sons. Just a few months ago, Evans suffered a health scare. It turned out that it was happening due to the birth control she was on, and it was assumed she discontinued taking it. This would mean that if Evans is carrying David Eason’s child, she would be incredibly early in the pregnancy. If that is the case, the bikini photo would mean nothing as she likely wouldn’t even be showing a pregnant belly yet. With all of the possibilities, fans aren’t sure what to think.

Teen Mom 2 is still airing on MTV, with a few episodes left before the reunion show will be aired. That was taped just a few weekends ago and will give fans insight as to what to think. It was said that Jenelle Evans looked pregnant during the filming, but the pictures posted to social media dispute that. While it will be a few more weeks before it can be definitively proven whether or not Jenelle Evans is pregnant, she is adamantly denying there is a baby.

[Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]