Lisa Rinna Issues Apology For Calling Fans ‘Fat’ And ‘Toothless’ Ahead Of Her QVC Appearance

Lisa Rinna at an event

Lisa Rinna has been on a written rampage the last several weeks. She lost her cool on Instagram and offended several of her fans when she called them “fat” and “toothless” among other more vulgar things. While Rinna is known for being outspoken, she has never been known for being mean. Everything changed last season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump really went head to head, and things still haven’t been patched up. While the Instagram rant upset a lot of people, Rinna acted like it was no big deal.

Just recently it was announced that Lisa Rinna would be making another appearance with her collection on QVC. She will be returning with some favorite returning pieces and a few new things, which makes this important for her. Rinna’s slot will air this Sunday at two separate times. According to All About the Tea, Lisa Rinna issued an apology on Instagram for the vulgar comments she called people on social media. This comes after several fans from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have pressured QVC to drop Rinna from their line-up. While it was a bit late for the apology, some are accepting it for what it is and moving forward.

Last month, as RHOBH was wrapping up, my social media platforms were flooded with intense, unkind messages. As a rule, I prefer to focus only on the wonderful, amazing fans out there because they bring such incredible light with everything they do and say. Unfortunately, the consistent negativity that appeared on my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook day after day, seeped in and to my disappointment, got the better of me. I used ugly, derogatory words in the comment section of my Instagram account to try and stop the people who were constantly lashing out at me. That's not okay. Not for one second was my intent to hurt, belittle or degrade my beautiful fans. Those words were never intended for 99.9% of you out there. In that moment, I felt beaten down and allowed myself to be hurt by the .1% and I held up a mirror and lashed out at them…. Not the rest of you. Please take this as my sincere and heartfelt apology to anyone that feels slighted, hurt or disappointed by my comments directed to a very specific group of Internet trolls. I know better than to feed them with their own vitriol and I had a moment of weakness which in turn may have upset the most important people. YOU. I adore and love all of YOU — my fans and @QVC family. ❤️????????

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Some of the people on Instagram have already accused Lisa Rinna of writing the apology just so that she can show her collection this weekend. Money is a driving force for the housewife, and she has been upfront about that from the beginning. While QVC is probably one of the best ways she earns money, Rinna is not above starring in commercials for various products including adult diapers in order to pad her pockets. Since the initial incident happened over five weeks ago, it is suspicious that apology was issued just two days prior to Rinna’s QVC appearance. Doubt is beginning to creep in about her motives, and the critics are out in full force.

There has been no confirmation on whether or not Lisa Rinna will be returning to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Andy Cohen was called on to fire her along with Eileen Davidson and newbie Erika Jayne. While his response was a very clear no, the fans have not backed down. Unfortunately, Rinna made some enemies from her appearance on the show, and many of those relationships are beyond repair. Several fans have stood behind her comments and decisions, but plenty more are there waiting to knock her down. The announcements for who will be returning for another season should be happening soon. Filming will be happening soon, which leaves Bravo very little time to have things sorted out.

Plenty of posts will be flooding social media from Lisa Rinna this weekend. She is going to be prepping for her two timeslots on QVC. For some reason, this seems to mean a lot to Rinna, enough to get her to apologize after weeks of avoiding the subject and basically owning it when confronted by Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. It is speculated that QVC handed her an ultimatum about appearing on their network without a retraction. Despite her best efforts, many assumed that while she may have regretted what she said, the apology was allegedly forced.

It will be interesting to see the type of fanfare Lisa Rinna will receive when her collection airs this weekend. The controversy surrounding the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and all of the words thrown around has made for great ratings for the network. While Lisa Rinna may be rough around the edges when it comes to controlling her mouth, she has certainly shown Bravo what type of women they should be casting.

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