'Life Below Zero' Fans Go Wild About Return Of Andy Bassich After Alleged Abuse

Last night, fans of Life Below Zero were shocked to see the return of Andy Bassich to the show. Andy hasn't been around lately, but on last night's episode of Life Below Zero, he returned to the show like nothing ever happened. Of course, his ex, Kate Rorke, was not back on the show again. Fans went to the Life Below Zero Facebook page, and they are extremely upset about the fact that he has returned. Several of them are even talking about boycotting Life Below Zero if they keep him around.

Fans are going crazy talking about how Andy from Life Below Zero throws tantrums and his alleged abuse against Kate Rorke is a good enough reason to keep him off the show. Life Below Zero actually replied to them, but it had nothing to do with explaining their reason for bringing Andy back to Life Below Zero. They actually just asked fans to stop talking about it.
"We ask that viewers keep their discussions based on the content of the show, not on speculations about the offscreen personal lives of the cast. Thank you."
The fans of Life Below Zero are even commenting on this post explaining that it isn't all about Andy's personal life, but about the fact that they don't like Bassich as a character on the show either. Some people are even saying that they will not be watching Life Below Zero anymore if they leave him on the show. A few people are admitting that they love Andy and are glad to see him back, but there are not many saying that about him on the post.
Andy Bassich and Kate Rorke shared that they had split on an episode of Life Below Zero. The couple had been together for over 10 years when this all went down. Kate has her own Facebook fan page, but she hasn't been updating it regularly. Kate seems to be done with this kind of life and being in the public eye. Fans watching the show have been concerned that Kate was a victim of domestic abuse. A few things happened to give them this idea. On one episode, Andy smashed Kate's hand with a rock and then yelled at her for it. There are also several comments about how Andy didn't seem to have patience with her.

Kate does accept a few friend requests on her personal Facebook page, and if you look through it then it is obvious this Life Below Zero star has been through a hard time. She recently posted a ribbon saying that she suffers from PTSD. Fans are replying like crazy to this post telling Kate they are sorry that Andy is back on Life Below Zero again. So far, Kate is staying quiet about the topic and not revealing her thoughts on Andy's return. She posted this ribbon at about the exact same time that it was revealed that Andy was returning to Life Below Zero again. The comments make it seem like fans think her ribbon was in response to him coming back on the show again.

Fans would love to see Kate return to Life Below Zero, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. At this time, they will just have to continue to watch Andy on the show.

Are you shocked that Andy Bassich is back on Life Below Zero again? Do you want to see him kicked off the show again? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss new episodes of Life Below Zero on National Geographic on Thursday nights.

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