'Fear The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Who Will Die In The Midseason Finale?

Fear the Walking Dead has delivered a dramatic Season 2 thus far. The Walking Dead companion show will air its midseason finale on Sunday, and fans can't wait to find out what will happen and who will die in the episode, titled "Shiva."

According to Design & Trend, the Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 midseason finale will be one of the most intense episodes of the show yet, and one of the show's original characters may not be back when the series returns from its hiatus.

Fear the Walking Dead spoilers reveal that Daniel will start a fire at the mansion, which could lead to some big casualties. While it's still unclear about why he wants to burn the place down, the Fear the Spoiling Dead Facebook page reveals that Daniel will be in the mindset of reuniting with his dead wife during the midseason finale. Does this mean that Daniel will kill himself and take others down with him?

Daniel will not be shown burning to death, but the spoilers reveal that he will be presumed dead by the end of the Season 2 midseason finale episode.

Fear The Walking Dead spoilers: Will Daniel die in Season 2 mid-season finale?
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During a recent interview, showrunner Dave Erickson revealed that Daniel's inner struggle is very real and has been waging a war inside of him for quite some time now.

"With Daniel, really it started when he saw that little boy in episode 2. It's a small moment there, but he is shaken by that. And for a man who is as strong as he is, and for someone who can be as cruel as he can be, he's not able to watch what happens to that little kid. He walks to the side of boat, he refuses to see the shooting play out, and for us that was the beginning of Daniel starting to see some fragility, starting to see a sense of vulnerability in that character."

It seems that Fear the Walking Dead fans might actually see Daniel start to lose his mind a little bit, as all of the things he's done in his life are going to come back to haunt him while he's in this terrible situation.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 spoilers: Madison Takes a Life in mid-season finale.
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"The things that he's done are coming back to haunt him. Then in episode 5 he heard a voice for the first time. And I think all those things are starting to build and then aggregate, and we will come to realize very soon what exactly is haunting him, who is haunting him, and how he may or may not reconcile it."

It does feel like Fear the Walking Dead may be setting up a scenario that will see Daniel losing the battle with his inner demons, and he'll want to end his own life. This will come as a shock to many fans, as Daniel has been seen as one of the toughest, strongest, and most violent characters on the show so far. If he's gone, the group will need someone else to step into that role, and since Travis doesn't seem to want to do it, that will basically leave Strand, Nick, or Chris, who have all been battling with their own inner struggles.

Meanwhile, the women are not to be left out of the picture. Madison will have a breakthrough moment when she locks Celia in the wine cellar with the zombies before the mansion goes up in flames. Celia, like Daniel, will be assumed dead by the end of the episode. How will Madison deal with taking Celia's life?

What are your thoughts on the latest Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 midseason finale spoilers? Who do you think will die in "Shiva?"

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