Guy Sebastian Moonlights As Photographer, Prepares For ‘The Snip’

Guy Sebastian has gained popularity worldwide as one of Australia’s most high-profile singers. Recently, the Daily Mail revealed that apart from singing, Guy Sebastian has another passion: photography.

Guy Sebastian loves the excitement of world tours, and most of the time, he is focused on entertaining sold-out crowds through his live music. However, in his free time, Guy Sebastian spends some of his most precious moments behind the lens, observing and capturing the beautiful world around him. Far from the recording studio, the photography enthusiast has revealed that he spends some of his most precious moments off-stage looking for a perfect shot.

The singer and photographer confessed that it is in these moments of stillness that he is able to delight in the smallest of details, which often go unnoticed by most people. The “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” singer believes that these normally-unnoticed details can appear wonderful when captured through the camera lens of an astute photographer.

Although his expertise in photography has until recently remained a well-kept secret, Guy Sebastian has shared his top five tips for capturing the perfect moment in the best frame. The Canon ambassador suggests getting inspired and being adventurous at the right place and right time with the right pace. Additionally, having multiple points of interests can enliven the photographer’s collection.

Apart from judging X Factor contestants, Guy Sebastian will also decide the winner of the Canon Light Awards photography competition. The 34-year-old singer has announced “stillness” as the theme for the latest Canon Light Awards photography challenge.

And even though he urges photography enthusiasts to focus on stillness as the main theme for the Canon competition, Guy Sebastian himself took the opportunity to try out his photography skills during his recent tropical vacation with his wife. The Daily Mail reported that Guy Sebastian and his wife, Jules, showed their love for each other by sharing a series of adorable snaps as they returned from their tropical holiday.

In the series of pictures, the couple is seen laughing and making funny faces as they try out different poses. Proving that they can’t get enough of one another, the “Like a Drum” singer looks at his wife lovingly as they both pose with a perfect pout. In yet another beautiful photo taken by Guy Sebastian, Jules is seen lounging on a wooden jetty over the water with her back to the camera, shading her face with a straw hat as she looks out towards their scenic tropical island accommodation.

Guy Sebastian and Jules were married in 2008 and have two sons from the marriage. Back in December 2015, Guy Sebastian hinted that a vasectomy was on his mind, and it seems that although he hasn’t opted for the procedure yet, he also has changed his mind. According to the Daily Mail, Guy Sebastian appeared on KIIS 106.5 FM’s Kyle and Jackie O Show and stood by his desire to “get the snip,” revealing that he and wife Jules are satisfied with having just two sons.

The radio hosts asked Guy Sebastian a number of questions that touched upon his family planning and sex life. Guy Sebastian confidently reiterated that he and his wife were content with their current two children and that he will not change his decision about “getting the snip.” Controversial radio personality Kyle Sandilands then asked a series of risqué questions, even going as far as to question whether Guy Sebastian and his wife have sex more than the current Australian average of two-and-a-half times per week. The former Australian Idol winner stunned the Australian radio hosts with his casual reply.

“Probably lower, who knows?”

[Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images]

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