LuAnn de Lesseps On ‘Desperate’ Rey And Ramona Singer’s Crazy Fight With Dorinda Medley And John Mahdessian

The last 10 minutes of The Real Housewives of New York City was so crazy that Andy Cohen described it as “insanity” and “beyond the beyond.” What happened?

Ramona Singer got into a screaming fight with Dorinda Medley and John Mahdessian after John kicked her out of his party. John kicked Ramona out after she objected to him throwing out a man named Rey, who once had a fling with LuAnn de Lesseps in Ibiza. Ramona and Sonja Morgan eagerly talked to Rey in hopes of hearing some salacious gossip from him. Rey slurred and spat out his words so close to Sonja’s face that he was within licking range. John did not like Rey’s very questionable behavior and told him to leave, which led to Ramona’s protest, which led to John yelling at Ramona and putting his hand right in front of Ramona’s face.

As she left, Ramona screamed that she never wanted to see John again. The screaming continued out in the street, with Dorinda screaming at Ramona, Ramona screaming at John, and John screaming at Ramona.

LuAnn never saw the fight herself since she, upon seeing Rey and noticing that he seemed to be drunk and/or high, quickly left the party. On her blog post recapping Wednesday night’s episode, LuAnn immediately addressed the matter of Rey. LuAnn, who is now engaged to another man, admitted that she had to kiss some frogs to find her prince. She described Rey as someone who is obsessed with her and who expresses his feelings with “desperate vulgarity.” As for his drunken behavior at the party, LuAnn said it wasn’t attractive.

“In order to find my prince, I’m going to have to kiss some frogs. Running into Rey at John’s party was unfortunate. His obsession with me is very scary, and I knew soon after meeting him it wasn’t going to work. Why would I ever want to date someone who expresses his feelings with such desperate vulgarity? Obviously someone had too much to drink. Not attractive.”

LuAnn de Lesseps went on to call him a stalker. As for what happened between John Mahdessian and Ramona Singer, LuAnn believes that it was right of John to kick Rey out and that Ramona should have stayed out of it.

“How did my stalker Rey get invited to this soiree? Or was he invited? I couldn’t run away fast enough, and it’s a good thing I did. He’s trouble and John had to get him out of there. What I found confusing was why Ramona jumped into to defend him. She should have let John remove him from the scene before he could mess with any other partygoers. John putting his hand in Ramona’s face was wrong, but he was right to throw her out. Dorinda said it wasn’t that his actions weren’t correct, it was that his reaction was incorrect. She decided to flee this scene as well. Good choice!”

Ramona, Sonja, and LuAnn arrived at John’s party after first having dinner and drinks together at another place. Once at John’s party, LuAnn noticed Rey. The two had a very strange conversation with one another. LuAnn asked him if he was high. He told her that he was shaking down to his socks at the sight of her and that he loved her. LuAnn quickly hightailed it out of the party, which left Ramona and Sonja near Rey.

When Sonja asked him if he has a girlfriend, he slurred to her that he does, a “really hot” one, and to not tell LuAnn. Ramona then told Sonja that Rey took LuAnn to a trip and it turned out to be a disaster. Sonja asked if it was to Ibiza.

“Yeah, it was Ibiza! How does she know? How do you know, you b***h? How do you know?” he excitedly yelled, inches away from Sonja’s face.

When Sonja replied that she has friends in Ibiza, Rey asked “Who?” so loud and close to Sonja’s face that she leaned back. When he kept aggressively asking Sonja who her friends are, John stepped in and asked him to leave.

Ramona declared that Rey wasn’t going to go anywhere and that he was not making a scene but just talking to her and Sonja.

“You’re full of s**t. You’re full of s**t,” John yelled.

Dorinda told Ramona that Rey, who all of a sudden seemed to sober up real quick and actually offered to leave, is not someone she should be fighting for. As Ramona and John continued arguing, John called her an “instigator” and put his hand in front of Ramona’s face. That set Ramona off.

“What are you doing! I never want to be in your presence again! This is a gentleman?! Oh my God Dorinda! OMG! This is what you’re with Dorinda! How dare YOU!”

In her confessional interview, Ramona admitted she wanted some dirt on LuAnn.

“I had met Rey with LuAnn during the summer. She was dating him and they just f****d. This party’s pretty boring so if Rey has some gossip about LuAnn, I’m all ears.”

On Twitter, Ramona and Dorinda exchanged some nasty words. After Dorinda tweeted that Ramona was “almost as certifiable” as Rey, Ramona said that it’s only Dorinda who’s “certifiable.” Ramona also hinted that she has some knowledge about John’s behavior that she’s so far keeping quiet.

Dorinda, who, as the Inquisitr reported, has attacked Ramona on Twitter before, accused Ramona of going to the party with an agenda, which Ramona denied.

Ramona accused Dorinda of relishing how John abuses her and the other housewives.

LuAnn de Lesseps, who was about to go on Andy’s talk show Watch What Happens Live, wisely stayed out of the Twitter fight.

One person besides Andy Cohen who found the fight pretty entertaining was Bethenny Frankel. In her blog, she even said that John deserves a spot in the opening credits of The Real Housewives of New York City.

“John needs a paycheck, an Herve Leger dress and an apple and he is ready for his tagline. That was some fight.”

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