Brentwood School Video: ‘I F***** Your B**** N****’ — A$AP Ferg’s ‘Dump Dump’ Lyrics Cause Trouble

The below video of Brentwood School students singing A$AP Ferg’s song, titled “Dump Dump,” is causing quite a stir for the exclusive school in Los Angeles. Warning: The below video, titled “Racism @ Brentwood School,” contains A$AP Ferg lyrics that might be disturbing and offensive to some viewers.

On May 18, Brentwood School reacted to the viral video in a post titled “A MESSAGE FROM BRENTWOOD SCHOOL” on their website. The message made it clear that Brentwood School was aware of the video and the fact that it displayed Brentwood School students at a party not on Brentwood School grounds singing offensive lyrics.

“Brentwood School is dealing with the impact of a video showing several students at a non-school party, singing lyrics that are offensive and inconsistent with our core values. We are investigating this insensitive behavior, will address the situation directly, and will respond seriously.”

“In addition, we will do more. We will reflect on our response as a school administration and identify what Brentwood School can do better in the future to help all of our students understand the harm that this type of conduct causes to themselves, to others, and to the community.”

“This situation underscores the fact that nurturing a climate of mutual respect and inclusion at Brentwood is an on-going process. We will use this as an opportunity to further authentic dialogue about diversity and what it means to each individual member of our school. Ultimately, this will further strengthen us as a community.”

As reported by Genius, the lyrics to the “Dump Dump” song sung by the Brentwood School students are pretty raunchy.

The video of the Brentwood School students singing the song was uploaded to YouTube on May 16, and it has received more than 30,000 views since that time. The description of the YouTube video reveals that comments had been disabled and then reenabled. While those that attacked others in the comments section would have their comments disapproved — so wrote the comment moderator — those who offered constructive criticism would have their comments approved.

The video’s description also pointed to a petition, and initially came with claims that Brentwood School was doing nothing about the video.

“The administration has refused to take action about Brentwood students using the N-word.”

The petition that petitioned Brentwood School is titled “Take action against the racist behavior of Brentwood students” by BWS Students Against Racism. It began by charging Brentwood School with failing to protect their students. The petition noted that the party, which was attended by mostly white Brentwood School students, took place on a boat.

When Barry Bonds, a retired baseball player, sent a tweet expressing his sadness over the Brentwood School incident happening with students who attend the same school as his daughter, the incident gained attention.

The controversial video with elite Brentwood School students, as reported by KABC-TV‎, has caused the school to sit up and take notice, and launch an investigation into the incident.

The video also prompted Brentwood School officials to send an email to parents, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Although the party took place outside of Brentwood School grounds, the school responded that they will take the matter seriously. Officials from the school had already met with the Brentwood School students in the 9th, 10th, and 11th grades. Teachers also took part in a meeting at Brentwood School.

More than anything, the Brentwood School wanted to express that they don’t tolerate racism or sexist behavior from their students. The Brentwood School East Campus includes students in grades 7 through 12, with 34 percent of them being students of color — whereas the Brentwood School West Campus has 26 percent of their student body made up of students of color.

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