‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Brooke, Katie, And Bill End Up In Compromising Positions And Zende Reacts To Sasha’s Shocker

Baby news is shaking things up quite a bit on The Bold and the Beautiful, and spoilers detail that the craziness is not over yet. Nicole and Zende had an emotional talk after she gave birth to Rick and Maya’s baby, and just as Zende thought he knew what he wanted, Sasha sprung a surprise on him. The May 19 show is also said to bring some juicy action involving Katie, Bill, and Brooke, and people will not want to miss this one. What can fans expect from Thursday’s episode?

As everybody saw on Wednesday’s show, Sasha was making herself rather comfortable in the Forrester mansion while she thought Zende was at the office. She had changed into lingerie and put together a romantic setting for when he returned, and she was taken aback when he admitted that he had gone to see Nicole. Before he could say much more, and in all likelihood break up with her, she threw him a shocker and told him that she is pregnant.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from We Love Soaps indicate that this bombshell will leave Zende feeling torn between Nicole and Sasha. Obviously, he has finally come to understand Nicole’s decision to carry a baby for Rick and Maya, and he told her how much he wants to be with her. However, hearing that he has a baby on the way with Sasha will seemingly accomplish exactly what she wants it to accomplish, as he won’t be able to walk away when he thinks that she is carrying his child.

Fans know that this pregnancy is a ruse she is using to hold onto Zende, but it doesn’t sound as if he will question the news. Nicole and Zende may have a few moments of bliss in the haze of this happy reunion, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that she will learn about the supposed pregnancy soon and be left feeling alone and heartbroken. How long will Sasha be able to get away with this?

There is also juicy action ahead on Thursday’s show related to Katie, Bill, and Brooke. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Brooke will end up in a very awkward position that soon leads to another intense confrontation. According to Soap Central, Brooke will head to Katie and Bill’s place to see her sister. However, Katie isn’t there, and instead, Brooke finds Bill in just a towel.

It seems that Brooke will scurry under the bed as Katie arrives home, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that things will get quite wild in the moments that follow. Katie and Bill will end up getting frisky as Brooke hides under the bed, and it sounds as if Brooke ends up learning a lot more about this relationship than she could have ever imagined.

Eventually, Brooke will reveal herself, and it seems that this complicated situation will carry over into Friday’s show. Katie will be quite upset to see her sister there, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that this incident could tear the sisters apart for good. Teasers detail that Katie and Bill’s marriage will be on the brink of imploding in the episodes ahead, and things may even get bad enough that they end up in a custody battle over Will. Is this incident the catalyst for the marriage to fall apart?

Viewers will seemingly see Julius show up at the hospital during Thursday’s show as well, and this will surely bring some tense moments to the family’s happy celebration. He was smart enough to stay away during the baby’s birth, but it seems he will feel compelled to insert himself into the situation now. Tensions will be running high, and viewers cannot wait to see what comes next on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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