‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: All-Stars Appearing On ‘Price Is Right’ Before ‘BB18’ Cast Announcement

Big Brother 18 spoilers haven’t revealed the new cast, but fans are convinced of a heavy hint. BB18 begins on June 22, but first, All-Stars from past seasons are going to appear on The Price Is Right on May 24. A report from CBS revealed that the network is offering special episodes of The Price Is Right that will star former contestants of its hit reality shows. In addition to an episode focusing on Big Brother, there will also be one for Survivor and another for The Amazing Race.

There have been many Big Brother 18 rumors hinting that this installment of the reality competition show is going to have former stars from the show. While there has been no confirmation from producers or the casting department at Big Brother or CBS, there have been quite a few hints that it might be taking place. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, casting director Robyn Kass and former BB17 contestant Da’Vonne Rogers did a recent interview together. This created a lot of buzz about Rogers possibly returning to the show.

The May 24 episode of The Price Is Right is already pre-taped, meaning it was filmed a while ago. It will star nine former Big Brother houseguests competing against super-fans. In addition to host Julie Chen taking part, the show will also feature Frankie Grande (BB16), Britney Godwin (BB12 and BB14), James Huling (BB17), Will Kirby (BB2 and BB7), Janelle Pierzina (BB6, BB7, and BB14), Rachel Reilly (BB12 and BB13), Da’Vonne Rogers (BB17), Jeff Schroeder (BB11 and BB13), and Ian Terry (BB14). Kirby, Reilly, and Terry are all past winners of the $500,000 prize.

Will Kirby And Janelle Pierzina
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While some fans have taken to social media to claim that these are true Big Brother 18 spoilers and that these people will compete on the new season, there is no confirmation of any kind in that regard. It’s possible that show producers and the network simply want to create some buzz for the upcoming season and that by featuring Big Brother on an episode of The Price Is Right, it can serve as an advertising platform. It may be safe to assume that there will be several commercials during the broadcast that promote the BB18 season premiere.

The clock is certainly ticking down to a revelation of the Big Brother 18 cast. With less than five weeks remaining until the season premiere on Wednesday, June 22, CBS likely has plans already in place to roll out that information. Likely included in that is a cast announcement on an episode of The Talk (co-hosted by Julie Chen), where they can spur some more excitement about the summer reality competition. This is something that the network has done in each of the past seasons. If it is truly an All-Star cast this year, the show could even feature some of them as guests.

The BB18 premiere will be a two-hour episode on June 22. After the Big Brother 18 season premiere, the show will slide into its weekly time slots of Thursdays at 9 p.m., Sundays at 8 p.m., and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Before the first episode, though, the new Big Brother cast will already be in the house. The houseguests typically enter the house a few days before the first episode to get settled and to allow the producers to get enough footage to fill out those first few shows. Once the season premiere has been shown, the internet live feeds will also get turned on.

'Big Brother 7' Cast
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Although all of the continued Big Brother 18 rumors can be fun for fans to debate about, what viewers of the show really want to know is who will be participating this summer. In the past, producers have revealed the full cast list about a week before the season premiere. That leaves a few more weeks of additional Big Brother 18 spoilers before the producers allow fans to see what the upcoming season will entail.

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