May 1, 2016
'Big Brother 18' Rumors: Will CBS Present New 'Big Brother' Cast Or All-Stars Again?

Big Brother 18 rumors are already floating around about what might be coming from CBS this summer. Among the BB18 rumors is that this will be an All-Star season consisting of just returning players to the game. At the same time, producers for BB18 have been holding open casting calls, presumably to bring new faces to the reality competition show. As fan site Big Brother Network reported, the final week to apply to be on Big Brother 18 just took place at the end of April. Now producers have applications to put together the full BB18 cast.

There have been a lot of posts on social media about the show, with fans weighing in on whether it would be fun to see another All-Star season, or whether it would be better to have an entirely fresh cast. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, information on the Big Brother 17 cast wasn't officially revealed until about eight days before the season premiere. This means that it could still be a while until fans find out who will be on the Big Brother 18 cast. CBS already revealed that the BB18 premiere will be a two-hour episode on June 22.

A lot of potential Big Brother 18 cast members have taken to Twitter to share their casting videos, with several fan sites taking the time to showcase interesting submissions.

Twitter has also been a place where former houseguests are leaving comments about this possibly being an All-Star season, while sharing excitement about what the summer might have in store for fans. A video of casting director Robyn Kass appearing with former houseguest Da'Vonne Rogers on Hollywood Today has also received a lot of views. In the video, she talks a bit about the show, while simultaneously putting Rogers back in the spotlight.So, how do viewers feel about having an entirely new Big Brother 18 cast? There were no returning houseguests for Big Brother 17, and CBS pulled in some of the best summer ratings the show has had. While there were still twists and turns thrown into the mix, the numbers kept growing as the episodes rolled out in 2015. In recent years, producers have mixed up new cast members with returning houseguests, and even did a season where former houseguests served as "coaches" for the new crop of competitors. If social media was any indication, fans were not all on board.

One fan site is conducting an online poll to see what fans are interesting in seeing from the BB18 cast. The last count has 55 percent voting for an entirely new cast, 33 percent voting for an All-Star cast, and 12 percent voting for a mixture of the two options. It's probably something that CBS and Big Brother producers should pay attention to, as not every viewer wants to see the same people returning to compete again. Familiar faces are certainly a way to drive promotion of the show, but with any reality competition show, contestants create fans and audience members who want to see them gone.

With less than two months until the season premiere, there are likely to be many more Big Brother 18 rumors before the cast gets announced. CBS hasn't started running the new promos yet, but that will also come as the spring shows start to wind down. In addition to the BB18 cast list, fans can look forward to producers leaking information about the theme and house setup for the coming season. Until some confirmation is given about All-Stars coming back again, all fans can do now is count down the days until Big Brother 18 begins on June 22.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]