‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: ‘BB17’ Cast Revealed By CBS, 14 Houseguests Ready To Play

Big Brother 17 spoilers include the big cast reveal now. The BB17 cast was revealed Tuesday morning (June 16) by CBS in an effort to generate buzz. Big Brother 17 is expected to, again, be ratings king during its respective summer time slots, especially if the trend from the 2014 season continues. Fans with early live feed subscriptions were the first to learn the names of the BB17 cast members, but a report from EW has confirmed the 14 people who are entering the house. It’s an intriguing blend of people for the show again.

Among the contestants for Big Brother 17 are a personal trainer from California (Jace Agolli), a retail manager from Colorado (Becky Burgess), a Texas A&M graduate student (Clay Honeycutt), and a retail associate from Texas (James Huling). The BB17 cast members range in age from 22 (Steve Moses from New York) up to 33 (Shelli Poole from Georgia), and don’t include any familiar names. Though further Big Brother 17 spoilers could reveal more backstories for them, the cast looks entirely new for 2015.

As previously reported on the Inquisitr, there are also rumors floating around that an eviction could take place on the season premiere. While that hasn’t been confirmed by show producers or anyone at CBS, it would certainly present an interesting wrinkle to the 2015 season. Since the houseguests are already participating in the show several days before the first episode is shown, the potential is there for a lot to take place in the BB17 house before fans get caught up. A first-day eviction would also shake things up from how Big Brother has done things in the past.

The Big Brother 17 season premiere is on Wednesday, June 24, on CBS. As advertised on the CBS website for the show, the first episode will air at 8 p.m. PT/ET and is the first part of a two-day event. The second part of the premiere will be shown on Thursday night (June 25), giving fans a lot to take in and possibly be enticed into subscribing to the live feeds. Julie Chen returns as the host for her seventeenth season, and fans continue to enjoy her opinions shared on social media.

The most recent promos for Big Brother 17 have advertised that there are going to be even more surprises in store for viewers this season, but for now, fans are just going to have to guess at what that might entail. There is only just over a week to go until the season premiere, though, so BB17 fans aren’t going to have to wait very long for the next set of spoilers.

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