Peri Sagun: Iowa Girl Killed In Freak Hammock Accident

Peri Sagun, 13, was killed in a freak hammock accident in Iowa. The Des Moines area girl was hit in the head when a brick light post fell on her after she playfully ran and jumped on her older sister, Eren, who was already in the garden hammock.

The light post holding the hammock was five feet tall and two feet wide and was reportedly sunk only a few inches into the ground. It was the only support for the device, the Des Moines Register reports. Police investigators are not treating Peri Sagun’s death as suspicious and have deemed it a tragic and freak hammock accident.

Peri Sagun and Eren Sagun, 16, were having fun running around their backyard on Saturday afternoon before the fatal accident. The elder Sagun sister was sitting on the hammock when the extra weight added to the lounger as Peri jumped on, which is believed to have caused the brick light post to collapse onto the girl.

Eren, in a panic, ran to the house while screaming for her dad to come help. After quickly running to the hammock, the shocked father, Mustafa Sagun, tried to perform CPR on his daughter until an ambulance arrived on scene.

Despite the immediate life-saving efforts, Peri Sagun died about an hour after she arrived at a local hospital.

Peri was an eighth grader at St. Augustin Catholic School. Her family will be receiving the promotion diploma she was going to be awarded next week.

Here’s an excerpt from Peri Sagun’s obituary, as published on Legacy.

“She was lighthearted, care free, and her glowing personality could light up a room. She dreamed about sunshine, college, and a career as an interior designer. She passionately enjoyed listening to music, especially One Direction, reading, art, nature, family reunions at Disney World, being on a beach or tubing behind a boat in Florida, the more bounce, the better! experiencing the world, and she will forever and always be remembered laughing with her friends and family.”

The grieving Iowa family also said they will always think of Peri’s enigmatic smile and her boundless energy when they remember their loved one.

Neither Mustafa nor Lisa Sagun have yet spoken publicly about the freak hammock accident and the death of their youngest daughter, the Daily Mail notes.

“This weekend one of heaven’s angels was taken from us way too soon, in a complete freak accident,” Sagun’s cousin Stephanie McCabe wrote on Facebook. “Peri was the sweetest girl you would have ever met in your entire life, she was not only dedicated to her education and sports but loved and cared about her family more than anything in this world. My heart is broken.”

Here’s an excerpt from the school statement released after staff and students learned of the 13-year-old girl’s sudden death.

“The glow from Peri was felt when she entered a room, even to those who didn’t know her. But anyone who knew her did and will always love her. Her energy, smile, and caring for those close to her will be what is most remembered.”

St. Augustin Catholic School Principal Nancy Dowdle recalled Peri Sagun as being an incredibly friendly young woman who always strove to do her best. Dowdle also said the teenager was very intelligent and always considerate of others. Teacher Pat Hogan said no one at the school ever had anything bad to say about Peri, adding that she also never said anything mean to others, KCCI reports.

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