DC Comics Logo Gets Retro Update To Coincide With ‘Rebirth’ Direction Overhaul

The DC Comics logo was revamped with an old-school design reminiscent of simpler times. This new DC Comics logo takes a bold, minimalistic approach. The previous logo was more futuristic, with the “D” and the “C” combined under the turning of a page. The new one looks like metal pillars pushing outward on the circle that surrounds them. It’s not colorful or exciting, but calmer, with an enduring strength. The update to branding comes along with an update to the comics. DC Universe: Rebirth No.1 will be the first comic to feature the new logo.

DC’s Rebirth event is a return to a time before The New 52. Comic book execs want to jump back in time to recapture the feelings and concepts that were brushed aside when The New 52 took over. The new logo represents the new ideas brewing at DC. They hope to return to previous comic book form, and capitalize on the legacy that made DC Comics special, while still keeping some concepts from the newer series. Basically, DC wants to mix old and new, giving more emphasis to what came before.

A DC Comics press release obtained by Newsarama contains a quote from Amit Desai, DC Entertainment’s senior vice president of marketing and global franchise management.

“While comics continue to be the heart and soul of DC, the brand has evolved to now stand for powerful storytelling across so many different forms of media. DC is home to the greatest Super Heroes and Super-Villains, and the new logo has the character and strength to stand proudly alongside DC’s iconic symbols.”

The new DC Comics logo could be a result of the success of TV shows like The Flash, Arrow, Gotham, and Supergirl. Even though DC’s movie future is still in question, they don’t just want to be seen as a comic book company. The logo is the third new one in 11 years. The previous logo started its journey in 2012, and the one before that took over in 2005. By reverting to an older look, DC can work to recapture the strength of its legacy identity in the comic book market.

DC Comics co-publisher Dan Didio, when asked about the overhaul to the DCU, said via Blastr that he wants to bring back the popularity of the comics.

“When you talk to the creators, they have this intrinsic want to put certain things back in the story because that’s sort of what got them into comics. We get a lot of feedback from different sources, whether it’s fans from conventions or through talent, themselves, and their own conversations. Ultimately, we realized we have to be true to our own nature. We can change certain things to contemporize them but, at the core, we have to identify that heart that exists. Geoff and his team have identified that in so many different media right now, so that’s why I think it’s working so well. We have to put that same heart back in our own books. This was a chance to re-examine ourselves.”

The new logo has already taken over all of DC Comics’ social media and online channels, so the TV shows, movies, toys, and other properties are sure to follow. With the new logo and the reboot of the DC Universe comes new comics series and the return of old comics series. In certain cases, comics series that never left during The New 52 will continue their issue numbering from before The New 52 reset everything.

After the DC Universe: Rebirth special comes out on May 25 featuring the new logo, other titles will follow leading into fall, at which point the entire DCU will have changed. DC Comics’ logo and branding efforts are seeking to find that balance between modern appeal and classic, timeless reading.

[Image via Tawee wongdee / Shutterstock.com]