Celine Dion Candidly Opens Up Her Husband’s Death, Says ‘It’s Been A Long Journey’

Céline Dion Opens Up About Losing 'The Love Of Her Life,' Late Husband René Angélil

Celine Dion is candidly opening up about losing her husband, Rene Angelil, who she described as being the “love of my life.”

Celine spoke out about her loss in a personal new interview with People, where she revealed how she stayed strong for the couple’s three children, how she’s coping following Rene’s death, and how the family dealt with René’s heartbreaking cancer battle.

“You know what, I’m 48 years old and I lost the love of my life. I miss him a lot from when he was great but not when he was suffering,” Celine told People just four months after Angélil passed away after losing his battle with throat cancer. “I cannot be selfish. You have to let people go. I feel at peace.”

“Every day we live with him, just not physically. I’m thankful that he does not suffer anymore,” Celine said of Angelil.

Céline Dion is candidly opening up about losing her husband, René Angélil
“It’s been a long, long journey,” Dion continued of her late husband’s illness, admitting that she and the couple’s children “were living in hope, knowing that there’s no hope” while René was battling cancer.

“I’m not the type of person who’s going to say, ‘I know he’s going to make it,'” Celine continued to People, recalling that her late husband knew the end of his life was near shortly before his passing in January.

“There were times when I was very, very scared and he’d write me ‘The end is near, I feel it,'” Celine Dion recalled in the candid new interview. “Now I know it’s possible for someone dying to feel when it comes.”

Dion also opened up about staying strong for her and Rene’s three children, Rene-Charles, Nelson, and Eddy, where she admitted that she admitting that she “really, really [wants] to prove to my kids their mother is strong.”

Céline Dion is candidly opening up about losing her husband, René Angélil
Celine Dion is currently scheduled to appear at the Billboard Music Awards on May 21, where she’ll be performing a cover of Queen’s “The Show Must Go On,” which Celine revealed to People has a particularly special meaning for herself and her late husband.

“Rene always insisted the show must go on,” Dion confessed in the cover story this week. “It’s what Rene would have wanted. We all miss him. But we’re doing fine.”

Celine’s candid new interview marks the first time Dion has publicly spoken out about her husband’s death in an interview since his passing in January.

At the time, Dion issued a statement on behalf of her family via her official website on January 29, where she admitted that she was “heartbroken” over Rene’s death.

“My family and I are deeply touched by the outpouring of love and support from so many people who have touched our lives during these past few days,” Celine told her millions of fans, marking the first time she had spoken out following her husband’s passing.

Céline Dion is candidly opening up about losing her husband, René Angélil
“We have felt your love for René, and your prayers and compassion have helped us during this most difficult time… more than you’ll ever know,” Dion continued. “I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Celine Dion then signed off her heartfelt message with her and her children’s names, as well as the names of Angelil’s three children from a previous relationship.

“We will never forget all of the kindness that you have bestowed upon us,” Dion said.

Just days later, Celine honored her late husband again with an emotional speech during Rene Angelil’s memorial at Caesars Palace’s Colosseum in Las Vegas, the home of Dion’s Las Vegas residency shows.

“I feel his strength and his warmth being reflected in all of you,” Dion told those who gathered for the Las Vegas tribute, admitting at the time that she could “feel his love in the room.”

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