Alanis Morissette’s Manager Denies ‘Screwing Her’ Out Of $4.7 Million — She Invested Her Money In Drugs

Alanis Morissette is claiming that she was cheated by her former business manager, Jonathan Schwartz. His former firm, GSO Business Management, is asking for Schwartz to pay up, according to TMZ.

Alanis is suing both GSO and Schwartz, reports LA Times. The “Ironic” singer’s money was allegedly used to fund a lavish and glitzy lifestyle.


The accused, Jonathan Schwartz, has also worked with Beyonce and Mariah Carey. Alanis dumped Schwartz in 2016. The “You Oughtta Know” songstress, who made a splash with a string of angry, feminist-flavored pop hits in the 90s and early 2000s, soon hired a new manager.

Schwartz has shot back against Morrissette, claiming that the $4.7 million can very easily be accounted for. Schwartz claims that Alanis herself asked him to withdraw the funds and invest them in a marijuana business, according to TMZ.

“Alanis told him to withdraw the money so she could invest in a marijuana growing business and he obliged by giving the money to her reps. GSO says his story didn’t check out. The suit says Alanis vehemently denies she ever asked Schwartz to invest in the pot biz.”

Schwartz also allegedly racked up a $75,000 gambling debt at a casino in the Bahamas, using Alanis’s money.

Last year marked the 20 year anniversary of the release of Alanis Morissette’s Grammy-winning album Jagged Little Pill.

The singer spoke to reporters about cat fights, aging, and the patriarchy as she celebrated the release of the 20th anniversary edition of the album, reports ET Canada.

The singer-songwriting says that she still loves to perform her 90s hits, and she feels they have aged well, rather than becoming “cringe-worthy.”

“[20 years] has flown by, and the good news is that these songs, I can still stand by them, I can still perform them, and there’s a timelessness for me…because if it was cringe-worthy to perform them, I frankly wouldn’t. So, thankfully there’s a value system, and an activism, and a fire, that I still very much relate to so I can perform them.”

Alanis spoke about cattiness among women in the music industry, claiming that everyone from Tori Amos to Sinead O’Connor to Joni Mitchell had been “really, really mean” to her!

The singer hinted that a “more patriarchal” music culture in the 90s may have been the reason for this. Morissette reflected that there seems to be more of a sisterhood in the industry now.

“It was much more mired in patriarchy in general [back then], so there was the cat fight quality, and I remember Tori Amos, and Sinead O’Connor, and all these artists, Joni Mitchell even, being really, really mean to me. And I thought ‘wow.’

The singer was candid and intimate, revealing that she once had fantasies of striking up friendships with women like Elizabeth Shue and Sharon Stone, but the toxic culture meant that it did not happen.

Alanis was hopeful that things have changed, saying that it seems “quite different” between women in the public eye these days. However, she acknowledged that she is not “inside” so many of these high-profile relationships any more and can only speak about what she senses at a distance.

I thought me and Sharon Stone would be linking arms and running off into the sunset, me and Elizabeth Shue would be best friends… but… that wasn’t the case and now it is quite different. I’m not inside of these relationships so I don’t know the degree of intimacy, but I’m ignorantly assuming there’s more of a sisterhood.”

Alanis also opened up about getting older, saying she loves it.

“I love getting older. I highly recommend it… I think it’s the hip thing to do.”

Alanis Morissette is now married to rapper Mario Treadway. The couple have a four-year-old son, Ever.


(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS)