‘Days Of Our Lives’: Should Hope And Aiden Get Back Together? [Opinion]

'Days Of Our Lives': Should Hope And Aiden Get Back Together?

Days Of Our Lives fans have spent the past week watching how the return of Aiden Jennings is affecting Hope and Ciara Brady. As with all soap opera couples, viewers are divided on who should stick together and which ones need to break apart. The same can be said for Hope and Aiden. Even though they are no longer together – and his clone tried to murder Hope – some fans think the two belong together. So, should Hope Brady and Aiden Jennings get back together on Days Of Our Lives?

Before Aiden, there was a man named Bo Brady, who was the love of Hope’s life. (For those new to Days Of Our Lives, learn what made Bo so special at Soap Central‘s “Who’s Who In Salem” section). After a lengthy disappearance, Bo returned to Salem to rescue his family. He turned up just in time, right before Hope was about to be killed. Unfortunately, Hope’s true love was ill and, soon after, died in Hope’s arms.

Let’s be clear: there is no replacing Bo Brady. Nobody will be able to take his place, not Aiden Jennings, Rafe Hernandez or any other man. However, time goes on, and Hope deserves to be happy.

After Aiden attacked his new wife, Bo burst in the door and saved the day. During the struggle, Aiden was killed. What Hope (and fans) didn’t know was that it was Aiden’s clone that was killed, not the real Aiden. Daniel Cosgrove’s character didn’t actually harm his new wife. It was a plan all orchestrated by Stefano DiMera. Just like with so many other plots, it all had to do with money.

Last week on Days Of Our Lives, Aiden returned from the grave and had a bizarre story to tell. Although skeptical at first, it is clear that Aiden is telling the truth, at least it appears he is. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Aiden Jennings does have a history of omitting information, but that was due to the DiMera family being involved.

When Aiden first appeared on Days Of Our Lives, I did not like him. He was rude to Hope and had an arrogance about him I found distasteful. Over time, his attitude improved, and I found myself warming up to him. Then the writers switched gears again and had the storyline involving Chase’s deceased mother. Even though Aiden was suspected of being a murderer, it turned out he was covering up for Chase, who ironically is in trouble again years later. It really has been a back and forth battle with Aiden’s character. It’s almost like the writers of Days Of Our Lives couldn’t agree whether to make him a good guy or a soap opera villain.

Despite everything, Hope and Aiden do have amazing chemistry. Although Bo will never be forgotten and Rafe is a great guy, there are sparks when Daniel Cosgrove and Kristian Alfonso are together on the screen. Does that mean the soap opera couple should get back together? No, it does not. As much as I love the chemistry between Hope and Aiden, there is too much weird history. Due to him telling partial truths in the past, it makes him less believable. Also, let’s not forget that Chase raped Ciara. Every time Ciara looks at Aiden, she will probably be reminded of what Chase did to her.

Even though I don’t think Hope and Aiden should get back together, I do believe they should make a break that leaves Aiden in a good light. Since he was falsely accused of trying to kill Hope, perhaps he could be Salem’s next hero.

What do you think of Aiden Jennings on Days Of Our Lives? Should Hope and Aiden get back together? Or do you prefer Kristian Alfonso’s character with someone else?

Days Of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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