'Blue Collar Backers' Offers Entrepreneurs A Chance To Make Their Dreams A Reality

Charlinda Robinson

The desire to own and operate a successful business is the ultimate American dream for many, with a whopping 540,000 new businesses a month launching in the U.S. According to the Business Insider, Blue Collar Backers features a group of millionaire investors who enjoy putting not just cash, but sweat equity into the new businesses they back.

The Futon Critic shared that each week on Blue Collar Backers, a panel of top-notch professionals from a myriad of fields and trades will assist a few hopeful, budding entrepreneurs. They will take an idea that sounds good on paper, and help turn it into a reality by using a variety of approaches.

Besides providing the cash and plenty of sweat equity, the experts on Blue Collar Backers will also share with these men and women their own personal success stories, including tips on how to be successful. Each unique endeavor will be built from the ground up with the Blue Collar Backers team of experts guiding the entrepreneurs every step of the way in order to discover that path to financial success.

Blue Collar Backers recently posted to their Facebook page a preview video of Cameron Davies from San Antonio, Texas. This investor learned through trial and error how to forge a successful career. Davies saw the career opportunity of a lifetime and jumped right in. As a fabricator, he began making food trucks for customers around the country. As the founder of Cruising Kitchens, he wants to put his knowledge and success to the test by helping other entrepreneurs on Blue Collar Backers achieve their dreams while making some money along the way.

According to Discovery's Blue Collar Backers page, Ron Douglas is a self-made millionaire hailing from the mountains of Denver, Colorado. Armed with some valuable advice from a fellow entrepreneur, he began his career by flipping cars. As he became successful, others began to come to him for business advice, and he realized that he liked consulting and helping others.

Twin brothers Cain and Cam Roberds reside in Biloxi, Mississippi. After becoming successful as contractors, they decided to diversify as investors. They are passionate about helping entrepreneurs in their community grow and become successful, despite the risks involved. They also enjoy rolling up their sleeves and pitching in some sweat equity with all of their projects. Nothing is more rewarding to the brothers than backing a business and watching it grow, which is something they will get the chance to do on Blue Collar Backers.

Blue Collar Backers is produced by Leftfield Pictures for the Discovery Channel. David George, Shawn Witt, and C. Russell Muth serve as the executive producers. Matt Vafiadis is executive producer, with Meagan Davis serving as producer for the Discovery Channel.

Will you be checking out this new series? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. Blue Collar Backers was scheduled to premiere on Wednesday, May 18, but the air date was changed to August 26 at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery.

[Image via Discovery]