‘Bates Motel’ Season 4: Which Questions Will Finally Be Answered?, Who Will Survive The Finale?

The Bates Motel Season 4 finale airs in just a couple of hours. Let’s face it, fans everywhere are dying to get the answers they’ve been waiting for. They’re also wondering who makes it to Season 5. Can you blame them?

[Warning: Spoilers beyond this point.]

Where did time go? It seems like yesterday, Bates Motel opened for the season. Who can forget Norman roaming around aimlessly, in the unsuspecting farmer’s field, after “Mother” murdered Bradley? In many ways, things went downhill (for everybody) from that point on. Even so, there was still a glimmer of hope.

Fast forward to today. All hope seems to have vanished. According to Entertainment Weekly, Episode 10 of Bates Motel is going to leave viewers wanting more. In fact, executive producer Carlton Cuse promises an episode so shocking and emotionally profound that fans will cry and curse at him (and Kerry Ehrin) in the same breath. After all, it’s going to be several months before Season 5 is a reality.

Cuse also mentioned the behind-the-scenes secrecy, which occurred during Season 4. Make no mistake about it. Being sneaky was completely intentional and used as a means to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. There is good news, however. Tonight, scads of pressing plot info will finally be revealed.

As recently reported by the Inquisitr, there won’t be a “time jump” from Episode 9 to Episode 10 of Season 4’s Bates Motel. Tonight’s broadcast starts right where last week’s show left off. If only Sheriff Romero could revive Norma this time around. Remember, even though she looked like she was a goner, there’s always the possibility she’s still alive.

Apparently, there’s going to be some fun romance mixed in with tonight’s mayhem. Ehrin made the reference in a separate interview. She put it like this. “The most shocking thing about it is that it has a little sense of fun.”

You haven’t seen the last of Dylan in Season 4 of Bates Motel. Chick is also slated to make an appearance. And, if you’re curious about Sheriff Romero’s somewhat criminal past, tonight’s the night to learn more about it.

Design & Trend recently came up with a nifty list of questions that are probably on everyone’s mind. Here are a few of them to ponder over.

It’s probably obvious that every single Bates Motel fan is wondering if Norma is still alive. Even though her death was pretty much inevitable, White Pine Bay won’t be the same without her.

That brings up the next question. If Alex is a grieving widower, will Norman admit the fact that the botched murder-suicide attempt was his idea? If he does fess up, there’s probably another trip to Pine View Institute in his future.

Last week, Dylan’s suspicions were raised about Norman’s possible involvement with Emma’s mother’s disappearance. Will he be able to somehow put the pieces together and figure out that Norman killed Audrey with her own scarf? Even more importantly, will he share the terrible news with Emma?

Last but certainly not least, will the DEA figure out Alex’s involvement with Bob Paris’ disappearance? Or, will he get lucky and beat the rap?

Are you ready for the Season 4 finale episode of Bates Motel? Feel free to leave your thoughts about Norman’s increased insanity below.

[Photo by Cate Cameron/A&E]