‘Tetris’ Movie: Speculation Flip-Flops About Whether Blockbuster Game Film Will Be Made

A Tetris movie is in the works, believe it or not. Threshold Global Studios is producing the film and when it was announced in 2014, many discounted it as a gag at the time. However, the Tetris movie is apparently happening or is it?

Producers have already settled on a budget of $80 million and allegedly have the funding secured. The filmmakers intend for it to be a sci-fi thriller, and it is supposed to be the first of a trilogy as if one Tetris movie was not scary enough.

Amid bad Tetris movie jokes on Twitter, Deadline reported that the film will be produced by Threshold Global Studios, a jointly owned studio founded by Chinese business tycoon Bruno Wu and Mortal Kombat producer Larry Kasanoff. The film has been in the works for over two years. The studio has been working directly with the game’s publisher, Blue Planet Software, Inc. Since the movie is a shared project between China and the U.S., the film will have a diverse cast consisting of both Chinese and American actors. The studio intends to create a science fiction movie for an international audience.

No details or hints have been revealed on what the plot of the Tetris movie will be, but the studio maintains that the story has already been written.

Geek states, “I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a movie about an alien invasion where the extraterrestrials pilot ships that resemble Tetris pieces. Or maybe the aliens are Tetris pieces?”

Several fan-made Tetris movie trailers have been getting attention on YouTube. The one below reflects Geek’s thought of aliens piloting block-shaped ships. One should note that the faux-trailers have nothing to do with the Tetris film currently in production.

Geek thinks that one of the trailers is a good starting point for discussions on the script and storyline “provided the movie is going for a satirical tone, which it probably isn’t.”


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Despite many headlines stating that the Tetris movie will begin shooting in 2017, there are many indications that the film will not start that soon if it does at all. The lack of a script is just one of the many reasons that Mashable does not think that the movie will happen.

Tetris is several key blocks from becoming a real movie … No director, no script, no studio, no cast, no crew, no liquid capital (that we know of), no outside financing and no real reason to believe that shooting will indeed begin next year. Ultimately, any of these factors not coming together just so could prevent Tetris — or any movie, really — from being made. Or doom it to a straight-to-DVD release.”

Even Tetris movie producer, Larry Kasanoff admitted that a specific date for filming has not been set.

Kasanoff told Mashable, “The funny thing is, when you announce a movie, people want to know when. And you say ‘When everything comes together,’ but no one wants to hear that. So you plan, and you say ‘Look, we’ve got the money, and unless something bizarre happens, that’s when we want to do it.'”

Filmmakers hope that the Tetris movie will be a “blockbuster,” but a film based on the famous game is certainly going to be a “flop” even if it is successful.

[Photo by Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images]