Filmmaker Insists That Prince Wrote A Will And It Is In Canada

Fans still mourning the death of Prince are baffled as to why the late superstar was so meticulous in his business dealings, but failed to write a will. Yet, a filmmaker and best-selling author now researching Prince’s last days spoke to TheWrap and insists that Prince did have a will, and that he believes this document is in Toronto, Canada.

The award winning filmmaker, Ian Halperin, has recently been speaking to many Prince insiders and has been documenting Prince’s final days. He believes that authorities have not yet done their “due diligence” to locate the will. He insists that Prince had a will and the courts should wait a full year in order to search and find Prince’s will.

Prince Rogers Nelson’s estate is worth around $200 million dollars including multiple properties-real estate, as well as intellectual properties. Many surmise that there is a gold mine just in the infamous Prince vault.

Just over two weeks ago, Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson, has already taken legal action. After stating that they did not find a will at Paisley Park, Prince’s Chanhassen Minnesota home and recording complex, she immediately responded. She filed a request for a special administrator to handle Prince’s vast assets including the vault of pristine recordings. Bremer Trust was immediately appointed by the court to handle the estate for four months.

The first action Bremer took was to drill through the vault and remove all of the valuable contents. They were forced to hire a company to use this force as Prince was the only one with the key-and no key was found to open the vault in the traditional way. Many people held out hope that the will was tucked along with the valuables, but no will was found amongst the fabled recordings.

Halperin says that he has spoken to Prince insiders that believe that the will is in Canada. Prince previously owned a home in Toronto and Halperin cited that Prince owned this property because he had a relationship with someone in Quebec, the next provence over.

Halperin believes that not only does Prince have a will hidden…somewhere, but that Prince had all of his affairs in order because he was such a good businessperson.

“He was one of the shrewdest people in the entertainment industry.”

Most importantly, Halperin has been told that there could be a reason that the will has not yet been found. Those who are blood relatives would benefit least from Prince having written a will and may prefer to take a chance with the courts on the basis that no will is found.

Prince had some tension with most of his family members. His deceased brother Duane, who had worked for him, had even sued him and some members of his family had not seen the creator of Purple Rain in years. Most were lawyered up when they arrived to the memorial service that was held a few days after his April 21, 2016 death.

Not only has a will not found, there has been many rumors that there is fighting amongst the many siblings. Using social media, Tyka Nelson wrote on her Facebook page to insist that this is not true.

As of now, the focus has not been on the will, but on possible opioid addiction. Prince’s official autopsy report has still not been released. There has been much speculation that Prince was using Percocet for his severe hip pain. This has caused a nationwide discussion about the dangers of opioids.

Since his death, there have been many stories of Prince’s extreme generosity. Nicknamed “The Silent Angel,” Prince helped start and fund programs such as #YesWeCode and helped get solar panels on the homes of people living in Oakland, California. Many fans believe that his intention was to continue to fund some of these programs that he secretly began, as well as donate to his church. If those were his wishes, they will not come true without the discovery of an official will.

Despite Halperin’s insistence that authorities search for the missing will, no attorney working with Prince or court that may have filed a will has stepped forward with information.

So the question is where is the will? And who has the incentive to go the distance to uncover this will so that Prince’s wishes are carried out?

Do you think that there is a will missing in Canada? Should the courts allow one year to find this will before dispersing funds to the remaining family members?

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