May 15, 2016
Has A Time Traveler Been Spotted At A 1995 Mike Tyson Boxing Match? What Other Time Travelers Have Been Captured On Camera? [Video]

Has a time traveler been spotted at a Mike Tyson boxing match from 1995? Depending on who you ask, a time traveler has been found.

A video on YouTube has recently been rediscovered that shows a person watching Mike Tyson, and this person appears to be using a cell phone to record the boxing match. The problem is that this particular fight took place in 1995, years before cell phones were designed with cameras in them. Fans of the paranormal and science fiction have taken this video as proof that time travel exists and that this person is a time traveler using technology that was not available at the time that the video was taken.

Why would a time traveler, who could essentially travel to any point in the past, pick Las Vegas, Nevada in 1995 and a Mike Tyson boxing match as the place to travel to? The theories online surrounding this question have concluded that this person may just be a boxing fan from the future who wanted to witness one of the greatest boxers, live. This particular fight was, at the time, the single largest money maker in boxing.

As with any paranormal happening or conspiracy theory, there are believers and skeptics. Those who believe that a time traveler has been found in this video are using the visual image as their main piece of evidence. Proponents of the time traveler theory are saying that the device the person is using has a striking resemblance to a smartphone with a camera on it. The believers are stating that in 1995, smartphones did not exist and that cameras, such as the one in the video, did not exist 21 years ago. Or did it?

The opposing viewpoint uses the same exact picture as proof that the person is not a time traveler. In fact, people have discovered that the technology did exist in 1995 to match the device being used to record or photograph the fight. On Snopes, pictures can be seen of some Casio brand cameras that look virtually identical to the one being used by the "time traveler." These cameras were widely available in 1995, and it is far more likely that this is the device being used by the person watching Mike Tyson's fight.

This is not the first time a supposed time traveler has been spotted in a picture or video from the past.

Dubbed the "Time Traveling Hipster," a picture from 1941 from a bridge opening in British Columbia shows a man dressed in what has been described as modern clothes. The "time traveler" sticks out like a sore thumb in the crowd considering he is surrounded by people who are dressed in period clothing. It is difficult to see, but some even say that the man appears to have a modern camera around his neck that he is using during his trip into the past. The picture has been analyzed by photography experts, and it has been authenticated as being a real picture.

Time Traveling Hipster
Picture Showing A Potential Time Traveler In 1941 [Image Via YouTube]Another famous image of a potential time traveler has been spotted in a 1928 Charlie Chaplin movie. Titled The Circus, a woman is seen walking through the frame in which she appears to be holding a cell phone to her ear and speaking. If cell phone technology improves to the point that a person can travel all the way back to 1928 and still have four bars, then the future is indeed going to be very bright.

Charlie Chaplin TIme Traveler
Is This A Time Traveler Talking On A Cell Phone In 1928? [Image Via YouTube]What are your thoughts? Are these pictures proof that time travel is real and that people traveling to the past have been captured on camera or are there more plausible explanations to the images above?

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