Jeffrey Dampier: ‘Killer Couples’ Airs Lottery Millionaire Murder On Victoria And Nathaniel Jackson Documentary

Jeffrey Dampier, the Tampa gourmet popcorn businessman and lottery winner who was found dead in a van in 2005, will have his story chronicled on the latest Snapped: Killer Couples on Oxygen. The episode titled, “Victoria and Nathaniel Jackson,” will tell the story of a rising multi-millionaire living the glamorous life, before that sheen of success was stripped away by greedy in-laws, who allegedly plotted to take the lottery winner’s millions for themselves. The crimes of Victoria Jackson and her boyfriend, Nathaniel Jackson, will be told by law enforcement, journalists, and the victim’s daughter.

Money Didn’t Buy Happiness

Tampa is a gorgeous Florida town that attracts many beach lovers who desire to soak up the sun year-round. There is a lot of money there, but there is also a lot of tragedy. No one knows that better than the Dampier family, whose lives were destroyed after the death of Jeffrey Dampier, a millionaire businessman who was murdered by family members after winning the lottery.

Authorities say Jeffrey Dampier had struggled most of his life, but he had a stroke of good luck when he won the state lottery in Illinois for $20 million. And, they say he really enjoyed living the good life and was known to carry large amounts of cash onhand and lavish his family, friends, and acquaintances with expensive gifts and toys. Very charitable with his money, Jeffrey Dampier also liked donating to the local church and helping people in need. The community viewed Jeffrey as a kind and generous family guy who was willing to give anyone the shirt off his back.

A Millionaire Targeted For Death

But, you see, that was the problem. The millionaire businessman was always passing out dollars to anyone with a sob story. What Jeffrey Dampier didn’t know was that there were growing jealousies in the family. His wife, Crystal, had already demanded that he stop funding her sisters’ lifestyles, something that angered Terri and Victoria, since they had grown accustomed to receiving help from their brother-in-law. Jeffrey Dampier had one more enemy. Victoria’s boyfriend, Nathaniel Jackson, was a man who secretly wanted everything that Jeffrey had. Nathaniel Jackson was also aware that Jeffrey had been having sex with Victoria since the age of 15; he reportedly hated standing by and watching Jeffrey act like the big man in the family.

Upset that Crystal Dampier had stopped the money train, Victoria and Nathaniel Jackson cut out a plan to continue their spending habits by luring Jeffrey to Victoria Jackson’s apartment. When Jeffrey Dampier arrived, he was met with a gun and later forced to enter his own vehicle, where they bound his wrists and shot him one time in the head, according to SP Times.

“Soon after her arrival, Victoria Jackson handed her $2,400 in cash. The money came from Dampier, who was married to their older sister but involved in a seven-year affair with Victoria. Nathaniel Jackson was at the apartment, then left. Victoria Jackson called Dampier and convinced him to come over. Victoria Jackson asked her sister to wait in the bedroom until Dampier left, Terri Jackson said. She could hear them kissing and talking. When she heard the front door open and close, Terri Jackson came out of the bedroom. Nathaniel Jackson had a gun drawn on his girlfriend and Dampier, she testified. ‘Hey man, I’ll give you what you want. Just let me live.”‘

Nathaniel and Victoria Jackson did not let him live, the SP Times continues.

“Sit down,” Nathaniel Jackson said. “Fat boy, city boy, rich boy. I’ve been waiting to get you. You think you can have sex with two sisters, rich boy?”

Though family members and residents were hurt over Jeffrey Dampier’s senseless murder, they were shocked to find out that such an upstanding family man had been having sex with his wife’s underage sister for so many years. The story of Jeffrey Dampier and Victoria and Nathaniel Jackson is just one more haunting story to add to the list of unlucky lottery winners and the lottery curse. Killer Couples is on tonight at 9/8 p.m. Central on Oxygen.

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