May 15, 2016
Ruby Rose Thrown Out Out Of New Orleans Restaurant For Throwing Fries At Bartender

Ruby Rose has been a very, very naughty girl. Gossip Cop reports that the Orange Is the New Black actress was thrown out of a New Orleans restaurant for throwing hot fries at a bartender.

According to Gossip Cop, Rose threw a "tantrum" in the Rebellion Bar and Urban Kitchen because her food took too long to get to her after she ordered.

Seung Hong, the owner of the restaurant, is said to have called Rose "awful" and a "horrible person" after he offered the actress complimentary food and drinks as an apology for the delay.

Rose reportedly became enraged after it took 40 minutes for her table to get its appetizers and 10 more minutes to get the entrees. She started to argue with the waiter, and Hong was called over to resolve the situation.

"She was having like a tantrum. She was awful," Hong told

He added that Rose yelled at the bartender and threw the fries at him, stating, "She was a horrible person."

Ruby Rose took to her Facebook page to address the reports of her deplorable behavior at the restaurant. She claimed that she was triggered by comments about her sobriety that she has "so hard to achieve. It's hard not to react emotionally."

"I have huge love, respect and admiration for servers around the world and how hard they work," she wrote. "I also have mad love for New Orleans and I want to come back 100 times if you will have me."

According to, Ruby Rose was in New Orleans to DJ at the Metropolitan Nightclub. Hong said that someone from Ruby Rose's camp called them to get a reservation for Friday, but they weren't taking any more reservations for the night. Nevertheless, Hong claims that he told them that he might be able to seat them at some point after 9 p.m but gave them no guarantees.

Ruby and her crew arrived at the restaurant at 9:15 p.m., and Hong said he recognized her from Orange Is the New Black. He reportedly told her that it would be a while before they got their food because there were a couple of large groups seated before them. Ruby and her friends decided to stay and were seated by 9:30 p.m.

It looks like everything was fine until the food took too long for Ruby's liking.

"I offered to comp the appetizers, but (Rose) was losing her cool, and then I offered to buy them a round of drinks," Hong said.

Rose refused the free drinks and food, according to, and Hong left them to return to running his business -- until Ruby started throwing fries around.

"One of my bartenders was walking by and could tell they were upset, and (Rose) threw food at him.... Ruby told my bartender that if she was a bigger man, she would kick my a**, meaning me."

Hong said that the bartender also came over to Rose's table to offer them free drinks, but they refused again. When he turned around, a french fry hit the bartender on his shoulder, reports.

"He thought maybe it was an accident, so he came back and he asked, 'Is everything ok?' And she picked up a handful of french fries and threw them at him. I think she was like... trying to be a bully," Hong said.

That's when Hong decided to ask Ruby Rose and her party to leave the restaurant, and they obliged.

"Ruby was already kind of pretty over the top upset, kind of laying into me, which — whatever, I'm in the service industry and it's my job to please customers," Hong said. "It was the first time I've ever had to ask someone to leave, and it was Ruby Rose."

[Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images]