Sharon Osbourne Insisting Husband Ozzy Go To Rehab For Sex Addiction

Krista Clark

The recent marital problems of Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne have been the topic of much conversation in the last week, and today, The Daily Mail is reporting that Sharon Osbourne is willing to give her husband a second chance on one condition: The Osbourne matriarch is insisting that Ozzy enroll in a rehabilitation program for sex addiction.

TMZ broke the story of Sharon Osbourne kicking Ozzy out of their family home amid marital problems a week ago. This is not the first time the couple has split. Sharon threatened to divorce her husband in 2013 because of his substance abuse. He received treatment, Sharon took him back, and he claims to have been clean for over three years now.

Substance abuse is not the reason for trouble in the Osbourne household this time, however. This time, Sharon is threatening to divorce Ozzy because she claims to have found out about an affair he had with a hairdresser. Sharon spoke about her husband's previous affair with two nannies on The Talk earlier this week.

Upon learning of her husband's affair, Sharon kicked Ozzy out of the Osbourne family home. He reportedly went to live in a hotel for a couple of days before returning to the house, insisting he had a right to be there. Sharon took a stand and left.

The Osbourne marriage has had its ups and downs over the years, as any marriage does. Sharon says she feels she must take a stand at this point in her life. In that appearance on The Talk, she spoke about that and more. Check it out.

Sharon wants Ozzy to get help for sex addiction at Pine Grove, the same facility that Tiger Woods went to in the wake of the breakup of his marriage in 2010. Another step she believes needs to be taken in order to save the Osbourne marriage is couples counseling. She has requested this from Ozzy as well.

Us Weekly reported that the Osbourne's breakup was triggered when Sharon went through her husband's emails and found proof of his affair with hairdresser Michelle Pugh. Their sources say that Pugh was fired from her job when news of the affair broke. It's also reported that Ozzy was supporting Pugh.

Us Weekly's source told them, "Sharon found out about the affair by searching through Ozzy's emails. She was upset that he was supporting this woman! She and [daughter] Kelly both called the salon repeatedly for about two weeks before the news broke, trying to get in touch with Michelle. They were really angry. Sharon is the reason Michelle was let go."

The Osbournes have been married since 1982. They have two daughters together, 32-year-old Aimee and 31-year-old Kelly. They also have one son together, 30-year-old Jack. Ozzy is 67-years-old. Sharon is 63. She is the daughter of music manager Don Arden, who used to manage Ozzy Osbourne back in the 70s. Sharon began working for her father as a receptionist in her teens and later worked in promotions.

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