Blac Chyna Pregnancy Update: Kris Jenner ‘Thrilled’ About New Grandchild, Blac Chyna Comforting ‘Little Sister’ Kylie Jenner Post-Split From Tyga [Video]

Blac Chyna is said to be in her second trimester of pregnancy, and according to insiders, Kris Jenner couldn’t be more excited by the prospect of another grandchild. Despite reports that Jenner and Chyna are constantly at odds, a source close to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star revealed that Jenner “is thrilled about the pregnancy.”

Jenner, who believes family always comes first, is also happy that “Rob turned his life around,” according to the insider, who added that “it’s all because of Blac Chyna.” Rob Kardashian has struggled with depression for years, as well as his weight, but the Jenner clan is thrilled that Blac Chyna “has brought him back to his old self.”

While Blac Chyna’s relationship with the Jenner family has been drama-filled, the insider has also hinted that Kris has “made amends with the entire situation” now that a child is involved, and “Rob is so excited to be a father.” Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna revealed their pregnancy over Instagram on May 6, just weeks after announcing their relationship.

Blac Chyna and her fiancée were spotted in Miami, where they made a public appearance at the G5ive nightclub to host a party to celebrate Blac Chyna’s birthday. The four-tier cake gracing Blac Chyna’s birthday party came from the Dollface Delight Cakery in Miami, Florida, and according to TMZ, the bakery’s orders have more than doubled since Blac Chyna and Rob shared photos featuring the $1,200 cake on their Instagram accounts.

Before the event, the couple was spotted at Katsuya South Beach, where they celebrated Blac Chyna’s birthday at a private affair with friends. According to witnesses, Rob and Chyna were joined by six friends, who reportedly ordered half of the menu, according to E! News.

An insider revealed that Chyna and Rob “seemed to act as if they were regular group of friends celebrating a birthday,” and when it was time to bring out the birthday cake, “[t]he whole table sang happy birthday loudly and clinked glasses of prosecco” to celebrate Blac Chyna. “Rob even gave his girl a big kiss after she blew out her birthday candles.”

Kris Jenner isn’t the only KUWTK star who has mended her relationship with Blac Chyna. According to insiders, the ChyMoji founder has been acting like a big sister to Kylie Jenner since the teen broke up with her boyfriend, Tyga. Since Chyna dated Tyga and shares a child with him, she understands Kylie’s pain.

While sources say that Blac Chyna and Rob’s relationship contributed to Kylie’s split from Tyga, insiders reveal that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the split had been brewing for some time, and there were problems “way before Rob and Chyna even started dating.”

Kylie reportedly decided it was just time to be done with the rapper and “move on with her life so she wouldn’t have to worry about all the emotional baggage that came along with that situation anymore.” A Jenner insider revealed to Hollywood Life that Blac Chyna told Kylie that Tyga is just “26-year-old man trapped in a 15-year-old body,” and both women “laughed, d*** near cried even, when [Blac Chyna] made that comparison.”

Blac Chyna also had some advice for “little sis” Kylie. “Blac even told Kylie that if [Tyga] bought her some gold she should get it appraised because chances are the s–t is fake.” When the time is right, according to the insider, Chyna even offered to hook Kylie up with “a lot of athletes, entrepreneurs and straight up ballers in L.A.” that she’s friends with. Blac Chyna “told Kylie she’s going to take her under her wing,” the source concluded.

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[Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]