Trump, Clinton Or Sanders? How Potential Next Presidents Would Fix The Economy

Trump, Clinton or Sanders? America must make a choice once again. This election has had so many twists and turns that no one could have foreseen this moment. From amazing campaign rallies with record crowds to allegations of voter fraud, this election cycle has been exciting, inspiring and even a bit frightening. The voter’s goal is to select a great president to lead America into a better and more prosperous time.

How would Trump, Clinton or Sanders react to challenges America will likely face over the next four to eight years? For most Americans the economy is a central issue. Here are the highlights of three potential presidents, plans for the economic future of our country in a nutshell.

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Donald Trump says as President, he would restore the economy with high import tariffs and high taxes for companies that export jobs. Trump is also going to force corporations to return to the USA and stop importing from elsewhere. Rolling Stone reports one statement on minimum wage.

“My real minimum wage is going to be — I’m going to bring companies back into this country and they’re going to make a lot more than the $15 even. They’re going to make a lot more than that.”

Donald Trump wants to “Make America Great Again.” By that, he means he has plans to create an economy similar to the economy America had from 1950 through 1979. He wants a strong industrial presence, independence from foreign goods, and an overall self-sufficient economy that is only minimally involved in the global economy.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton by Joe R

President Hillary R. Clinton has said she will inch the minimum wage up eventually to $15.00. Clinton would also remove tax breaks for corporations that export jobs. She plans to improve infrastructure, build clean energy production and contribute to medical research as ways to create jobs. Clinton’s Briefing Fact Sheet indicates she will build on what Obama has already done.

“[Clinton’s Plan, Make It In America] builds on President Obama’s National Network for Manufacturing Innovation, and bipartisan legislation written and spearheaded by Senator Sherrod Brown, one of our nation’s foremost champions for manufacturing”

Bernie Sanders tells us he would go after corporate job exporters, low wage payers and profit gouging companies. He would charge punitive taxes to companies who hurt the American people with their job exporting policies. With that money he would finance social programs to pay for education, health care, and security for all people, similar to programs in Europe. Bernie’s speech at the Vatican pointed out the flaws of our society.

“At a time when so few have so much, and so many have so little, we must reject the foundations of this contemporary economy as immoral and unsustainable.”

Bernie Sanders plan includes a $15.00 minimum wage, but his plan is very detailed. It cannot be stated simply, but it has been said that he wants a moral economy, one that values labor, and quality of life over corporate profits. Bernie’s plan is approved by the Pope, according to CNN Money.

Trump, Clinton or Sanders? Perhaps the deeper question might be; do you prefer the past, present, or future?

Hillary Clinton represents the present. If a voter feels the current economy is good enough, and they have enjoyed a good lifestyle these last eight years, Hillary promises more of the same. Perhaps there would be a gradual progression over the next four years, but with the same overall Obama theme. If however voters feel the last eight years have not been kind to them, then they should look for a president who wants to change the course.


Donald Trump wants to restore America to its former glory, enjoying the status of the great post-WWII era, and the overall quality of life enjoyed by Americans 40 to 60 years ago. It was one of the finest eras in human history, with a strong economy, built on income equality and plenty of opportunities for those willing to work hard. If voters long for the fifties sixties or seventies they might enjoy President Trump’s America. Voters who don’t think the past was a blast, might want to look elsewhere.


Bernie Sanders is the man of a brighter and more evolved future, the likes of which has never been seen. Sanders wants to create a world of fairness, sharing and concern for one’s fellow man. Forget all those dark, political science fiction movies that predict gloom and doom. Sanders wants to lead America into a kinder and gentler future. For those voters brave enough to try something new, Sander’s America of kinder and less greedy capitalism could be a winner.

Trump, Clinton or Sanders?

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