Man Chokes 8-Year-Old Girl Unconscious In A Women’s Bathroom At A Chicago Restaurant

A man choked an 8-year-old girl to the point of unconsciousness in the women’s bathroom at a restaurant near Chicago.

People reports that a woman and her young daughter were at Jason’s Deli last Saturday when the horrifying incident unfolded.

Chicago Police say that the mother allowed her 8-year-old daughter to go to the restroom by herself at about 1:15 in the afternoon. Not long after, she heard the girl scream and she rushed inside the bathroom. What she saw next was a man carrying her unconscious daughter into a stall. According to police, Reese M. Hartstirn, 33, choked the girl in the women’s bathroom until she passed out.

Immediately after the girl’s mother was able to rescue her, other customers held Hartstirn until police arrived.

In a statement to WGN, Jason’s Deli recognized its employees and customers for their efforts in helping the 8-year-old girl who was choked in the women’s bathroom.

“We’re blessed to have a wonderful relationship with the Chicago Police Department,” the statement reads. “Many of them are our customers and because of their connection to our deli, this unfortunate situation was handled very quickly. We’re proud of how our team members responded and thankful that we have the kind of customers that are willing to lend a hand in a difficult situation. We continue to work hard every day to make every customer happy.”

Hartstirn is being charged with felony counts of aggravated kidnapping and aggravated battery of a child. Moreover, he’s facing a misdemeanor charge of battery and aggravated assault of a peace officer after police say he attempted to hit the booking officer.

Hartstirn was denied bond in a hearing on Monday and remained in custody. He’ll appear back in court for a hearing on May 16.

Fox 8 reports that the girl was transported to Comer Children’s Hospital for treatment, but it’s unknown what her condition is.

This shocking incident is making many blame the new legislation regarding bathrooms and transgender rights. Several political blogs are attacking President Obama’s decision to allow people of the opposite sex to enter whatever bathroom they identify with. This law is being placed on public schools by Obama as well.

Many commenters on articles regarding this disturbing story about a man choking an 8-year-old girl in the women’s bathroom are venting their frustrations at the new laws rolling out at a rapid pace. They argue that criminals will use the new law to their advantage in harming others.

There were many others who reprimanded this girl’s mother for letting her enter the women’s bathroom alone. They think a girl of that age should have been accompanied by her mother into the restroom. Debates rage on that there are sick people everywhere and that the transgender legislation has nothing to do with this incident.

CBS News reports that several states are “pushing back” on transgender bathroom laws. North Carolina, Arkansas, and Texas are among the states fighting against Obama’s insistence that students use any bathroom they feel like in the public school system.

“This is the most outrageous example yet of the Obama administration forcing its liberal agenda on states that roundly reject it,” said Mississippi Republican Gov. Phil Bryant. “Public schools’ restroom policies should not be shaped by federal coercion.”

“The last time I checked, the United States is not ruled by a king who can bypass Congress and the courts and force school-age boys and girls to share the same bathrooms and locker rooms,” North Carolina’s Republican Senate leader Phil Berger said.

Will there be more crimes skyrocketing as a result of the transgender legislation being pushed on the country? The hope is that stories about an 8-year-old girl being choked by a strange man in the women’s bathroom won’t be the new trend.

[Photo Credit: Jenny Woodworth/Shutterstock]