Demi Lovato Proves That She Can Sing Any Style Of Music

Demi Lovato is the Christina Aguilera of this generation. She has proven that she has the vocal ability to sing any genre of music.

Earlier this year, Demi Lovato blew everyone away with her tribute to Lionel Richie at the 2016 Grammys. She gave a beautiful rendition of Richie’s 1983 hit “Hello.” Then she teamed up with Shawn Mendes and Sir Elton John to give another awe-inspiring tribute to the late David Bowie.

Now Demi is showing off her vocal chops again in a new duet with country singer Brad Paisley. Move over Katy Perry, Demi is the latest pop star to break into the country music genre. She teamed up with Brad on their sexy new song “Without a Fight,” which is apparently about makeup sex.

“There’s a tangled mess of sheets on the bed, the lack of sleep pounding in my head / We both regret some of the things we said but we love the way it ended,” Brad is heard singing.

“Good as we are getting it on, how come we can’t just get along?” Lovato is then heard cooing back seductively.

While Paisley plays on his guitar, Lovato takes over on the vocals and adds build-up on the song before she sings her heart out.

Check out their new track in the video below.

“Without a Fight” is the first single from Paisley’s new album, which is the follow-up to his 2014 release, Moonshine in the Trunk.

According to MTV News, this isn’t the first time that Demi Lovato has experimented with other music genres. Lovato recently covered Gloria Gaynor’s disco hit “I Will Survive” on The Angry Birds movie soundtrack. Additionally, Lovato teamed up with Fall Out Boy to add her vocals to their hit song “Irresistible.”

There was also the time when Demi experimented with dance music in her smash hit “Neon Lights.” The song even topped the 100 Hot Dance Club Songs chart.

With the news of Lovato’s collaborations, it’s any wonder if the pop star will experiment with different music genres on the follow-up to her 2015 release, Confident.

The singer recently graced the June/July 2016 issue of Latina Magazine, in which she spoke out about her battle with drugs and alcohol and her eating disorder. Lovato has celebrated another major milestone in her sobriety; however, she’s admitted that she still has a long ways to go. Lovato credits her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama for sticking by her through her struggles.

“I’ve been my heaviest in my relationship with Wilmer and also been my thinnest. He’s seen it all and loves me equally, and it gives me the confidence to know that.”

As stated before, the “Confident” singer celebrated her fourth year of sobriety in March. Demi took to Instagram and Twitter to share motivational and inspirational messages such as this one, like she usually does in order to motivate or uplift her fans who are going through the same thing.

“This year I experienced so much life and too much death…But I made it through…Sober,” she tweeted. Then she wrote, “I can’t believe I have 4 years on Tuesday.. Anything is possible.”

Last year, the former Disney star opened up on HuffPost Live about her struggles with bipolar disorder.

“I was looking out my tour bus window, I was living my dream, and I was just sitting there, looking out the window and crying, thinking, ‘Why am I crying? What’s wrong with me?’

“Little did I know, there was a chemical imbalance in my brain. Because I didn’t tell people what I need, I ended up self-medicating and coping with unhealthy behaviors. I was dealing with bipolar depression and didn’t know what was wrong with me.”

During the interview, Demi Lovato, 22, again credited Wilmer Valderrama, 36, for helping her through those difficult parts of her life.

“He never takes credit for my sobriety, but I guarantee I wouldn’t be alive without him today.”

What are your thoughts on Demi Lovato’s new song with Brad Paisley? Would you like it if she crossed into country music or another genre? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for AOL]