See How Hillary Clinton And The Media Are Trying To Fool You

Hillary Clinton and the media are fooling a lot of people into thinking that Clinton has thousands of supporters at her rallies.

It's more smoke and mirrors, as the mainstream media helps Hillary hide the small size of her event audiences.

And did you catch this trick? Clinton has started scheduling closed-door events that don't ask for crowds -- no doubt to reduce the number of chances on the campaign trail that people will notice how minuscule Hillary's rally crowds are compared to those for Bernie Sanders.

Clinton's protesters, however, still show up in droves to Hillary's events -- even her little closed-door ones.

What did you hear about Hillary's latest rally yesterday in New Jersey? The New York Times told you that Clinton "mocked Trump."

The Burlington County Times headlined that "Clinton rallies supporters."

But what didn't you hear, or see on TV from the camera angles? That Hillary only got about 1,000 people to show up.

That's at least 24,000 fewer people than at Sanders' recent rally in Sacramento, California.

But the mainstream media did not plainly report that only 1,000 people attended the New Jersey rally, nor did it report the actual news about that paltry amount -- that a former secretary of State and First Lady who is a current presidential candidate could only draw 1,000 people to an event during her campaign.

Instead, the media contributed to the cover-up of Clinton's weak rally attendance by either not reporting the number of people there, or by playing off the amount as if it were large by using phrases like New Jersey TV did, calling her audience a "raucous crowd."

Shortly before this poor showing on the East Coast, Hillary Clinton was on the West Coast experiencing a similar lack of interest. Her rally in Oakland just days before New Jersey only attracted 1,300 people.

That only 1,300 people from the Bay Area – one of California's most populated regions – could muster up the energy to rally for Clinton before the crucial California primary is news. But most media outlets kept it quiet.

With her tepid turnouts, Clinton has launched what seems to be a cover-up. She is calling it a "Breaking Down Barriers" tour. This is a series of planned small events that are listed on her website as "invitation only."

These events occur in secluded venues and seem to involve only a handful of people.

It appears that, by intentionally scheduling miniature events on her campaign trail, and confining the rallies she does hold to tight, indoor venues, Hillary Clinton is hiding the fact that she can't attract the same kinds of crowds as Bernie Sanders – or, for that matter, Donald Trump.

After all, if Hillary Clinton could repeatedly attract jaw-dropping numbers of supporters to a rally, wouldn't she?

Of course she would, especially since Bernie Sanders keeps packing in the crowds like a rock star.

In Sacramento this week, upwards of 30,000 people rallied for Sanders – about 20,000 inside the venue, and about 10,000 outside because the forum -- an outdoor field -- could not hold any more people.

Then, just an hour away from Sacramento the very next morning, 7,000 more people screamed support for Bernie at his Stockton rally – many of them after waiting in line since 3 a.m.
Of course, NBC called the enormous Sacramento crowd of nearly 30,000 people an "estimated 15,000."

Unlike Hillary Clinton, Bernie has enjoyed enormous crowds since last year. Before the mainstream media thought that Sanders had a chance to beat Clinton, they ran headlines like this one.

"100,000 people have come to recent Bernie Sanders' rallies. How does he do it?"
Now that things have gotten serious, Sanders' domination of Clinton in crowd attendance is hidden.

Also rarely reported is that people are showing up five-10 hours ahead of Sanders' speeches, adhering to rules like not being able to bring bags and standing patiently in lines for the opportunity to hear him speak.

But for Hillary Clinton, not so much.

In fact, protesters outnumbered supporters at one of Hillary's petite events in Williamson, West Virginia, according to West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

"…dozens of protestors filled the streets outside chanting messages that made it clear Clinton was not welcome in their community."
Protesters are rare at Sanders' events.

If Hillary Clinton were getting "yuge" crowds and Bernie only 1,000 supporters and numerous protesters, do you think the mainstream media would be reporting it?

The media reports that hide Clinton's diminutive rally audiences, and her tiny events that dodge the issue of having to draw crowds, may be fooling some people into thinking Hillary has large showings of support.

But as those people see the truth behind the tricks, Hillary Clinton's support dwindles even more.

[Photo By Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]