Misifts Reunion Announced For Riot Fest, Glenn Danzig Included

“Misifts reunion” is a phrase that most fans of the legendary horror punk band never expected to see grace headlines, at least not in the context of a reunion among original band members Jerry Only and Glenn Danzig. It would appear that Hell has frozen over, however, as a Misifts reunion has been officially announced for Riot Fest in Denver (September 2-4), and Chicago (September 16-18).

This is not a rumor. The reunion was announced by the official Misfits social media accounts, which are billing it as an “original Misifts” reunion. This isn’t quite accurate, but is certainly close enough for most Misfits fans’ preferences. The line-up not only includes Only and Danzig, but also Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, who wasn’t quite an original member of the Misfits, but is arguably the band’s most famous guitarist (not to mention Only’s brother). He was indeed around for much of the Misfits’ historic Danzig era.

Misfits Reunion
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Doyle began his stint with the Misfits in 1980, and was with the band until it disbanded in 1983 after its final album of the original era, Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood. Preceding him on guitar were several other players including Jimmy Battle, Franché Coma, and Bobby Steele. It’s unclear who the Misfits will have on drums for the reunion as they’ve had a number of drummers over the years, including Manny Martinez (1977), Mr. Jim (1978), Joey Image (1978-1979), Arthur Googy (1980-1982), and Robo (1982–1983, 2005–2010).

While others have come and gone in more recent Misfits incarnations, a true reunion of the “original” Misfits would have to include one of these guys. Robo seems most likely, as he was the last drummer before the band broke up in 1983, and has also been a Misfits member within the last decade. We’ll have to wait for the band to make a future announcement in that department.

The announcement from the official Misfits Facebook page reads as follows.

“From the time of their first gig in 1977, the Misfits and their iconic imagery went on to become one of the most crucially influential, genre-defying bands to ever emerge from North America, the Misfits significance extends well beyond the narrowed path of punk rock & hardcore. Although not cognizant of how significant they would become, what the Misfits achieved in their initial six-year window deconstructed and redefined rock music.

“All the while, the Misfits with Danzig’s unmistakeable voice, Only’s ferocious bass sound and the bands anthemic songs, melody-induced choruses and authentically bruising musicianship, cemented their importance with all ensuing generations, whether in arena-filled metal shows or in a sweaty 400-cap club in Tucson.

“And for the ‘First Time in over Three Decades’, legions of diehard fans from around the world will have the opportunity to hear the Original Band that created thousands of bands in their wake.”

Fans have been hoping for a Misifts reunion for decades, but it never seemed likely due to prolonged tensions between Only and Danzig. In fact, the two have even been involved in a legal dispute over Misifts merchandise. Two years ago, Danzig sued Only, alleging that the bassist (and ongoing driving force behind Misifts) cut him out of merchandising deal with Hot Topic. According to a report from Loudwire in August of 2014, the judge in the case ruled in favor of Only, dismissing the suit.

Meanwhile, Danzig did have a mini Misifts reunion with Doyle when the guitarist joined him for some dates to play some of the band’s old songs.

Rolling Stone mentions conversations it had with both Only and Danzig in recent years, saying Only wouldn’t rule out a reunion, but that Danzig wouldn’t address one. This pretty much sums up what the situation has been for years, but it would seem Danzig has finally come around.

Prior to the reunion announcement, the Misfits announced a new upcoming EP called Friday the 13th.


This presumably does not include any contributions from Danzig.

The Misfits only released two full-length studio albums: Walk Among Us and Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood – during their original run, but put out numerous EPs and singles. Many of their songs would later go on to be collected on various compilation albums like Misfits (sometimes referred to as Collection or Collection I), Collection II, and Legacy of Brutality, as well as Static Age, which consisted of what would have made up their first full-length album. This was recorded in 1978, but remained unreleased until 1997, though it was made up primarily of songs that were already familiar to fans by that point.

Popular Misfits songs include “Last Caress,” “Where Eagles Dare,” “Die, Die My Darling,” and “Hybrid Moments.” The band has been hugely influential to both punk and metal music with bands ranging from NOFX to Metallica covering various songs. A Misfits reunion has been a long time coming, and it’s going to make a lot of people happy. It will make a lot more people happy if the reunion is extended to additional shows (and possible albums).

[Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images]