‘Million Dollar Listing: New York’ Stars Talk Regrets From Being On The Show

Million Dollar Listing New York

Million Dollar Listing: New York is currently airing on Bravo, and the agents are hotter than ever. They are each selling millions of dollars worth of real estate and continue to come back to the show to film more seasons. During the first couple of seasons, Fredrik Eklund, Ryan Serhant, and Luis D. Ortiz were all about showing their hard work in the real estate market. But viewers quickly became interested in their private lives and wanted to know more about these agents. Over the years, they have each shared some hardships, personal stories, and even weddings and proposals. And now, they are sharing their regrets.

According to a new Bravo report, the Million Dollar Listing: New York stars are now sharing if they have any regrets at all about opening up on a popular television show. Of course, Luis wasn’t with the crew since the beginning, as he joined after the first season. Million Dollar Listing: New York started out with Michael Lorber, who was just getting his feet wet in the real estate market.

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“Don’t do that; think twice,” Ryan Serhant joked in response to the message he would tell himself now, adding, “In the show, people are really watching us grow up for the most part; Season 1, from just dating to running around to figuring out life. It’s growing up in this business, but it’s also growing up in front of other people. And this year I get married and it’s nuts.”

While Ryan is getting married this summer, his Million Dollar Listing: New York co-star Luis isn’t getting ready to date. He has previously shared some emotional ups and downs on the show, but he believes that having regrets is bad considering everything the show has brought him.

“I think that it’s very [good] that we did everything that we did because in a very big way it has everything to do with everything that we are now,” Luis has revealed about his time on Million Dollar Listing: New York, adding, “And had we not done any of that, we wouldn’t probably have learned from it and be who we are in this moment in time. So I don’t regret anything at all, and I’m sure nobody else here [does] either.”

As for Fredrik, he has shared some very emotional times on Million Dollar Listing: New York. Last year, he struggled to convince his husband to have a child, and when he finally came around, the couple lost their twins due to a miscarriage. Their surrogate simply couldn’t hold the babies. But that hasn’t changed his perception about sharing his life with Million Dollar Listing: New York fans.

“I don’t regret anything,” Fredrik Eklund reveals about his time on Million Dollar Listing: New York, adding “[Derek Kaplan was] in my epilogue on Episode 12 of Season 1. We’re sitting on the grass in Central Park and we had just met, but we weren’t serious. So the morning after the first night, when we met in Greece, I was like, ‘Babe, I have a television show coming,’ and he’s like, ‘OK, that’s weird.'”

Of course, Fredrik first introduced Derek to Million Dollar Listing: New York viewers during the very last episode of the first season. He claims that he took his father’s advice about finding a life partner and the season ended with them having a picnic in the park. Derek was formally introduced on the second season of Million Dollar Listing: New York, as the two started their lives together.

What do you think about Million Dollar Listing: New York and the agents that make the show what it is? Are you surprised that they don’t have too many regrets about being on the show?

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