Mila Kunis Talks Sex Life — Kind Of

Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell, who star in the comedy Bad Moms together, also appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show together and were one another’s back up while Ellen was sure to get down to the personal details about both actresses’ relationships and intentions for more baby making in the future.

The real-life moms appeared for the Mother’s Day edition of Ellen’s show and fielded questions fired by the funny lady that made Kunis a touch uncomfortable. To begin the chat, Ellen asked the stars if they were ready for more kids. Mila shared that she was all for having more children to add to her little family with hubby Ashton Kutcher. The couple shares an adorable daughter named Wyatt.

Bell, meanwhile, shares that she and husband Dax Shepard are done with kids. The Day Herald relays the reasoning behind Bell not wanting more children.

“Ellen decided to ask her guests whether they wanted more kids. Kunis wholeheartedly agreed with it but her co-star shared that she and her husband, Dax Shepard, were done with the kid business. She replied that Man-on-Man is all she is capable of handling. She feels that she would be too scattered. Ellen decided to turn to Kunis since there were no more follow-up questions for Kristen.”

The hilarious host moved on from questioning Bell and turned to Mila Kunis, who admits that she always ends up blushing while visiting Ellen’s show. The topic turned to bedroom talk when Ellen asked Kunis how often she and her hubby Kutcher have sex. Kristen then demonstrated her interest was peaked and asked when and where Mila and Ashton choose to have sex.

Mila responded by asking how her sex life all of a sudden became the focus and giggled at the topic of discussion. The publication shares how Mila attempted to skirt around the question and gain the back up of her co-star. However, Bell was more of a hindrance to the situation.

“Kunis admitted that she always ends up blushing on Ellen’s show. After which, she sought some help from her Kristen and asked her to say something in order to distract Ellen. All the better since Bell decided to ask how the sex was.”

No real response to the question was given by Mila Kunis, who has kept quite private about her married life and her life as a mother. The moms and stars of Bad Moms were each then wished happy Mother’s Day by their husbands, Dax Shepard and Ashton Kutcher, in person. The group was then lured into playing a fun game of Never Have We Ever, which is the couples version of the well-known game Never Have I Ever.

Juicy details emerged from this fun game when both couples admitted to using one another’s toothbrushes and to hooking up on set.

Mila Kunis, although a wife and busy mom, has not slowed down in regards to her career. Filming of Bad Moms has wrapped, and now the beauty is signed on to act opposite notable actor Bryan Cranston in Jackpot. The film is actually based on a 2011 Norwegian movie of the same name.

Deadline shares about the project that Kunis has signed on for.

“Mila Kunis and Bryan Cranston are attached to star in Jackpot with Will Gluck (Annie) directing. Jennifer Garner is also in talks to join the ensemble. Dave Callaham (The Expendables) is scripting the project. It is a remake of a 2011 Norwegian action comedy directed by Magnus Martens based on a Jo Nesbo story about a man who wakes up in a strip bar clutching a shotgun surrounded by dead men and police guns aimed at him.”

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