‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Does Carlos Rivera Really Die? His Life Could Very Well Be Spared By Someone Unexpected

Jeffrey Vincent Parise stars as Carlos on General Hospital.

The events this week on General Hospital have put the mob in the forefront once again, and Carlos Rivera has been right in the middle of it all. He is a wanted man by so many people in Port Charles that it is definitely hard to keep up with. The hitman has had to watch his back and has learned not to trust anyone. However, he may not have expected for his boss to turn on him so violently, and now he may lose his life because of it.

On Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, Carlos called Julian Jerome for help in leaving Port Charles safely. While Carlos waited on the docks for the mobster to show up, Julian was trying to avoid a nasty confrontation with his wife. Alexis is scared for her husband and suspects that he is meeting up with Carlos. Little did she know that he had grabbed the dagger that Helena had left for her in the will and took off for the docks.

Unfortunately for Carlos Rivera, Julian used the dagger to kill him. In the General Hospital previews for Thursday posted by Soap Opera Spy, Julian will shove Carlos into the murky water to end his life for good so he won’t rat him out that he ordered the hit on Duke Lavery. However, just because you are stabbed and left for dead in the Port Charles river certainly doesn’t mean that you are actually dead. Jason Morgan is a perfect example of that.

Even though Julian Jerome thinks that he is home free, maybe he shouldn’t get too comfortable with that idea. It could be that Carlos actually survives this ordeal that he has gotten himself into. It certainly doesn’t look good for him, but he does have Sabrina and their child to live for. Rumor has it that Carlos may actually be rescued from the water by someone who hates him as much as everyone else in Port Charles does.

General Hospital actor Chad Duell

According to TV Source Magazine, Michael Corinthos will be rescuing someone, and they say that he has to turn the other cheek to do it. What does that mean? It means that he may just have to make a tough decision as to whether he should rescue that person, which makes one think that it could very well be Carlos that he saves.

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Of course, many General Hospital fans think that it could be Anna Devane that Michael ends up finding, as she also needs rescuing at the moment. Carlos knocked her out after their fight on the docks and locked her in a cooler. She definitely needs some help getting out of there, so Michael may just happen upon her situation and get her out. But then again, Andre may just be more likely to rescue Anna.

Also in the previews for Thursday, Andre is seen walking up to Jordan and Paul at the hospital after overhearing them say that Anna is missing. He and Anna have gotten to be friends and he is concerned about her, so he may just be the one to get her out of the cooler before it is too late.

Carlos may very well be dead this time around. Jeffrey Vincent Parise has done a marvelous job in his role as Carlos, but this could be the end of the line for him on General Hospital unless someone like Michael pulls him out of the water before he dies.

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Carlos has done some terrible things. He has stabbed Dante, whacked Nathan in the head with a rock, and killed the driver in the accident just this week. He is in big trouble, but he does love Sabrina Santiago and their baby and wants to be there for them. Sabrina is supposed to come back to Port Charles next week. Does she get word that her baby daddy has perished and will come running back? Maybe Carlos ends up telling Michael where they are located to bring her back home.

Stay tuned to see what happens next on General Hospital. Do you think Michael will end up rescuing Carlos Rivera or Anna Devane?

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