Domino’s Pizza Saves Customer’s Life [Video]

Dominos Pizza saves customer

Domino’s Pizza is one of the most popular fast-food pizza chains in America. And while critics say it’s not very healthy, a recent Domino’s customer is glad he orders his pizza there. In fact, it’s probably not a stretch to say that he would stake his life on it.

The Huffington Post reports that Kirk Alexander is a regular customer at his local Domino’s Pizza store in Salem, Oregon, who gets pizza there every day, employees said — according to Consumerist, he had been ordering there regularly since 2009. And so, when Alexander didn’t show up for almost two weeks, they got concerned.

“He orders every day, every other day,” Sarah Fuller general manager of the Domino’s Pizza in Salem, told The Post. “His order pops up on the screen because he orders online. So we see it come across the screen and we’re like, ‘Oh, Kirk’s order.'”

But then, employees noticed that Kirk had not shown up in a long time. And so, Fuller, asked one of her drivers, Tracey Hamblen, to visit Alexander’s residence to see if everything was okay on Sunday, May 8.

“But when Hamblen arrived at Alexander’s house, he knew something was amiss,” said The Huffington Post report. “The lights were on and the TV was playing, but Alexander didn’t come to the door. He also didn’t pick up the phone.”

Domino's Pizza saves customer
And so, Hamblen dialed 911. When the police arrived, Alexander was in terrible shape and needed to be taken to the hospital. But because of the customer care at the local Domino’s Pizza, he is going to be okay.

“Thanks to the quick actions of Mr. Hamblen, Mr. Alexander is in stable condition at the Salem Hospital,” the Marion County Sheriff’s Office wrote on a Facebook post that has gone viral. “The Sheriff’s Office would like to personally thank Mr. Hamblen for his quick actions and willingness to take time out of his day to care for others.”

Yahoo News is reporting that since Alexander was hospitalized, many of the Domino’s Pizza employees have come to visit him, bringing him flowers and cards.

Fuller also visited him, saying that Alexander is “an important customer that’s part of our family here at Domino’s. He orders all the time, so we know him.

“I think we were just doing our job checking in on someone we know who orders a lot. We felt like we needed to do something.”

Domino’s Pizza: Not The First Time They’ve Saved A Life

This is not even the first time that Domino’s Pizza has saved the life of one of its customers. Consumerist also reported back in 2011 that a regular Domino’s customer (unnamed) who ordered daily from a Memphis, Tennessee, outlet had not placed an order in three days.

As with what happened this week in Salem, Oregon, an employee was concerned because they had not seen or heard from their loyal customer. And so, an employee drove to the customer’s house to discover that she had fallen three days earlier and was unable to reach the phone to get medical help.

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