‘Trust No One’: In Lifetime Movie ‘Corrupt’ Key Witness Murdered After Defrauding Millions Of Shareholders


Trust No One is an original new movie that will make its debut on the Lifetime Network this weekend.

Trust No One, which was originally named Corrupt, is about a forensic accountant who is hired to find missing evidence in the case of a murdered key witness for the district attorney. But her involvement in the case could prove to be deadly. Trust No One is a thrilling new movie directed by Curtis Crawford and written by Cathy McKernan. According to the Internet Movie Database, Trust No One (aka Corrupt) stars Nicole de Boer as Kate MacIntyre, Scott Gibson as Detective Daniel Leaton, Peter Michael Dillon as Greg Nealand, Steve Baran as Rocco, Allison Brennan as Vivian, Victor Cornfoot as Detective Tucker, Douglas Kidd as Mr. Vargano, and Andrew Moodie as D.A. Frank Murphy.

Trust No One On Lifetime: The Movie Synopsis

Trust No One centers around a key witness for the state who ends up dead just weeks before a high-profile trial is set to begin. With the recent murder of the state’s witness, the DA contacts Kate MacIntyre, a smart forensic accountant hired to find some hidden evidence that is crucial to getting a conviction against a multinational corporation accused of defrauding millions of shareholders. But even with Kate’s expertise, the job won’t be as easy as it looks. The company has done a great job of hiding their tracks, which causes Kate to wonder if there is any real evidence to be found.

Since they can’t find the smoking gun, her years of experience tells her that the death of the state’s witness most likely means that someone is hiding something. Despite the dangers, Kate is on the job and won’t give up until she finds out what they are hiding. Before long the underworld bosses know that Kate is involved in the investigation.

Now, with several attempts on her life, the district attorney needs to provide a safe house for Kate until the arraignment so that she can stay alive.

When a bomb is planted, Kate realizes that someone in the DA’s office is sabotaging the investigation, and she has trusted the wrong person. Now, it is a race against time to find the evidence and get it into the right hands before she’s their next victim.

Actress Nicole de Boer Bio

“Nicole deBoer (also credited as Nikki de Boer) was born in Toronto, Canada on the 20th December 1970. She started her acting career at the age of 7 when she got a lead role in a school play – The Wizard of Oz. TV series include Dooley Gardens, Mission Genesis, Kids in the Hall, Catwalk, First Resort, 9B and others. She is famous for her appearance as Dax on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9) and, more recently, as Sarah Bracknell Bannerman in the 5 season series The Dead Zone.”

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Filmed in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Trust No One is produced by Odyssey Media and Zed Filmworks and distributed by Daro Film Distribution. Pierre-Andre Rochat Kirk Shaw and Devi Singh executive produced the film. Experience the suspense for yourself by tuning into Lifetime this Sunday, May 15 at 9 p.m. on Lifetime Television.

[Image via Lifetime]