Google Chrome comic book raises $454

Bidding has ended on our charity auction of my copy of the Google Chrome comic book. The final price was $454.99 AUD (about $360 USD…the exchange rate was nearly equal 3 months ago) with profits going to Beth Kanter and Beyond Blue.

Presuming payment comes through from the bidder, consider the book sold, and we’re happy to be sending payments in excess of $200 a piece to both charities.

My many thanks for all those who linked to the auction, and helped us promote it. The amount may not be huge, but every bit counts, and I’m happy we did the exercise. If anyone wants to send anything else for auction, feel free to do so.

A short note of thanks to Michael Arrington for linking directly to the auction from TechCrunch, even if he pretended it wasn’t an auction from The Inquisitr and gave us zero credit for it. Michael has decided to copy the idea, and is auctioning his copy for a good cause. He’s using a comment stream to take bids instead of eBay, so bids may be subject to negotiation and TechCrunch group think in picking a winner, but still, it’s the end result that matters. The TechCrunch auction here.

If you missed out, but would like to donate a small amount, Beth Kanter if you’re in the US, and Beyond Blue if you’re in Australia.